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Seven transformers were dug out during the irrigation season. Men were arrested for stealing copper cores

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Liangshan, Shandong is the main winter wheat producing area in northern China. He wanted to please his girlfriend, but he was short of money. He inadvertently learned that the copper core in the transformer of the local submersible pump used for farmland irrigation could "sell money", and the boy had the idea of theft. Unexpectedly, his behavior seriously affected the irrigation of crops. Recently, the Liangshan County Procuratorate approved the arrest of Zhang Donghua on suspicion of theft

Zhang Donghua, from quanpu Town, Liangshan County, met his girlfriend soon after his divorce. In order to get married again as soon as possible, Zhang Donghua often buys gifts and invites his girlfriend to dinner to please her, which makes him more and more nervous, who has been living on odd jobs

one day in October 2018, Zhang Donghua had dinner with his friends and overheard them say that copper cores can be sold for money. "The copper core in the transformer is more valuable, and most transformers are in remote places, so it is not easy to be found if you start." Shy and unskilled, he had the idea of stealing the copper core in the transformer

therefore, Zhang Donghua went out to the market to purchase crime tools during the day. After careful preparation in the early stage, one night in early February this year, Zhang Donghua drove a van twice to the farmland in Luzhuang village, quanpu town to steal the copper core in the transformer

the copper core stolen by Zhang Donghua for the first time weighed about 150 Jin and sold for a total of more than 2500 yuan. After tasting the sweetness, he became bolder and bolder

at about 7 p.m. on May 24, Zhang Donghua was cutting the copper core of the transformer in the wheat field of Gaodian village, Hanlong town. The villagers found him and fled the scene

the stolen transformer was worth more than 30000 yuan, which hollowed out the "heart" of the thief and could not water the land, which made the villagers very anxious. They asked the police to solve the case as soon as possible and catch the "core" thief to help the villagers recover their economic losses

"in fact, this is not the first alarm we received about the theft of the copper core of the transformer. We have received three cases before, and the methods of these crimes are the same." Police handling the case said

it is understood that since February this year, seven transformers worth hundreds of thousands of yuan have been hacked in the wheat fields of local villagers. Not only that, the stolen wheat planting area in these villages and towns is large, and the suspect committed the crime at the time of winter wheat irrigation, resulting in more than 1000 mu of wheat fields can not be watered and irrigated in time, and the yield of winter wheat planted by farmers is reduced to varying degrees, seriously affecting the normal production and life of local farmers

On June 3, Zhang Donghua was arrested by the police. After the case was brought to justice, Zhang Donghua confessed to the criminal facts of destroying agricultural transformers and stealing transformer copper cores

after examination, from February this year to the crime, Zhang Donghua stepped on the spot during the day and drove a van to Qianyang building in Xuji town at night. Users can skillfully use the wheat fields in the village and Gaodian village in Hanlong town with only a little understanding of the experimental standards, destroying 7 agricultural transformers, stealing more than 20 copper cores in the transformers, causing a loss of nearly 300000 yuan, making more than 1000 mu of farmland in more than 10 villages unable to be irrigated

according to Zhang Donghua, he sold all the stolen copper cores to a scrap purchase station. In order to prevent the scrap purchase station from seeing that the copper core was stolen, it is more important to make the vibration test before selling. He first disassembled the copper core of the transformer, and then cut off all the disassembled copper bars and sold them to the scrap purchase station in batches and parts

according to the boss of slag Portland cement, pozzolanic Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement GB 1344 ⑴ 999 in the waste purchase station, he has received Zhang Donghua's copper core three times. The first two times, because the copper core was disassembled and cut, he basically can't see the original shape. "The third time, there were about sixorseven copper cores that were not disassembled. I asked him what they were. He said they were eliminated from the factory, so I didn't ask in detail."

a transformer worth tens of thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan is sold as waste. After investigation, Zhang Donghua sold a total of more than 10000 yuan of stolen money. At present, the case is under further trial

the prosecutor in charge of this case reminded that the polyurethane thin plastering system installed in a remote field with a thickness of 50 cm, an oxygen index of 28 and a combustion grade of B1 passed through the civilian transformer in the combustion experimental field without an isolation belt, which brought opportunities to criminals. It is suggested that the power department should strengthen the inspection of power facilities and strengthen technical and physical protection; The public security organ should timely regulate the waste purchase stations and other places that may hide stolen power facilities within its jurisdiction; The majority of villagers should also strengthen their own prevention. The transformers set up in the contracted land should be supervised by a specially assigned person. The transformers that have not been used for a long time must be removed in time, stored at fixed points and kept properly. Only by forming an atmosphere in which the whole people love and protect electricity, can we really strengthen the "protection" of power facilities fundamentally

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