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Seven ways to improve the customer experience of the hosting contact center

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on March 20 (compilation/Lao Qin): how do you really improve the quality of the customer experience? Is it to improve your products or your managed call center? Or simply improve the way you treat everyone you do business with? These questions are easier to answer in the era of physical stores, because the only way to communicate with customers is face-to-face. But in the era of e-commerce, the rules have changed

a recent article titled "what customers want" studied the current market from this perspective and gave seven ways to provide excellent customer experience in the e-commerce environment. These skills are undoubtedly concentrated in the call center environment, whether it is managed or self operated. Let's take a look at these tips and how they can help you run more compactly and efficiently

multi channel support - we all know that there are many different ways to interact with the company, and those suppliers who do not provide multi-channel interaction often suffer losses in the competition covering... And so on. In fact, 901. Check whether the power supply of the tensile testing machine is powered on before online.% of customers want to get a multi-channel experience and have a consistent experience

social media - if you plan to involve social media, you must listen to your customers' voices on the social media platform and their expectations for your preparation of samples mainly for specific needs

tracking - all customer interactions need to be tracked regularly

focus on experience - do you know that 90% of customers will go to your station before calling and sending emails? If you don't provide proper support there, you will miss the opportunity

chat - this is a great thing. 77% of customers believe that chatting has a positive impact on their attitude towards a retailer

timely response - customers expect immediate response. In fact, 84% of customers are likely or very likely to reach a deal with the company if they get a response, especially if they complete the response in less than a minute

wow, customer - this is really the right service. If you can't make customers sigh, competitors are likely to be willing to do so

the question that the trusteeship contact center needs to answer is whether they can make customers sigh if the experimental machine runs faster. Is it simple to sell things to customers, or consider their feelings at the same time? If you only focus on short-term sales rather than long-term customer relationships, then your sustainable development will be a problem

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