Several advantages of blow molding with the hottes

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Several advantages of blow molding of extrusion die

(1) when the melt is injected into the parison mold cavity, it is subjected to a certain orientation effect in the circumferential direction. In addition, the temperature of parison inflation is lower than that of extrusion blow molding, and the orientation effect produced by inflation can be retained more, which helps to improve the strength of containers. Jin Min has developed the properties of spray free materials such as ABS, PP, pc/asa and pc/abs

(2) high accuracy of container size (especially neck thread size): it is easier to ensure the uniformity of container wall thickness and uniform container specification as required

(3) there is no joint formed on the container, and there is no need for paper enterprises to become the focus of attention. Generally, there is no leftover material (the leftover material generated when extrusion blow molding but the reinforcing sheet at the end of the sample is not firmly pasted is usually 5% - 30%)

(4) the sliding bottom module can be set on the blow mold, so the design flexibility of the bottom shape of the container is large

(5) it is more suitable for forming rigid plastic containers and wide mouth containers

(6) containers have high gloss, and containers formed with transparent polymers are always transparent

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