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PM2.5 nemesis: Beijing construction site dust and noise monitoring system on duty

recently, the sky is gray. When I came to the site of the municipal transportation infrastructure project (bid section 1) of the underground public space in the CBD core area near the East Third Ring Road in Beijing, I found that the "microclimate" here was a little different. We learned that recently, the construction site dust and noise monitoring system has been installed on the construction site, which can monitor the air quality of the construction site at all times

"PM2.5 110.5, PM10 252.7, particulate matter 134.0." This is the data monitored in real time on the electronic screen on the construction site. Compared with the air quality data of the same period and surrounding areas released by the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the PM2.5 value of this construction site is slightly better than the surrounding air quality

Zhou Hui, manager of the project department, said that this was mainly because after the red warning of heavy air pollution was issued, outdoor construction operations such as earthwork excavation and concrete pouring, transportation of construction waste and earthwork, and spraying and painting were completely stopped. It was also noted that excavators, forklifts and hoisting equipment, large and small, also lined up to rest at the construction site. "All excavated earthwork shall be covered with dense mesh." Pointing to a large foundation pit, Zhou Hui said that the entire construction site covers an area of 50000 square meters, which is "green everywhere"

there are also two "artifacts" for haze removal at the construction site, which are "blowing clouds and mist" into the air. The water mist more than ten meters high drifted down, making people feel as if they were caught in a drizzle—— In order to cope with the heavily polluted weather and reduce the dust on the construction site as much as possible, the project department added two fog cannons to spray water on the site regularly to reduce dust

in addition, there is a 50 person professional cleaning team on the construction site, which is responsible for the comprehensive coverage, watering, dust reduction, etc. of all earthwork, muck, garbage, fine particles, etc

it is also learned that the dust and noise monitoring system on construction sites, a new gadget for monitoring "microclimate" on construction sites, has also been recently installed on a pilot basis. The system is not complicated. 2million pixel cameras, various sensing devices and data acquisition boxes are distributed on the iron bar four or five meters high, which can monitor the surrounding temperature, humidity, wind speed, noise, air pressure, PM2.5, PM10, particulate matter and other data in real time, and scroll to display specific parameters on the electronic screen

compared with the ordinary site video monitoring system, the development of this dust and noise monitoring system and the plastic calender production line has entered a period of rapid development. Not only the monitoring content is richer, but also the parameters can be generated in real time and transmitted back to the supervision platform. "If the parameter value of on-site dust rises, we can immediately know that this may be because the on-site dust control measures are not in place, so we can carry out supervision, interview, or administrative punishment. In this way, we can urge the construction party to do a good job in green construction." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development said

it is understood that this monitoring system is still being piloted. At present, 6 construction sites have been installed, of which 4 are in Tongzhou. The person in charge said that the monitoring system will be rolled out in the future

it is reported that during the red warning period of heavy air pollution, the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development will continue to strengthen law enforcement and inspection. The construction, construction and supervision that have not strictly implemented the emergency response measures shall be notified throughout the city, and the construction units that can effectively solve the energy related problems such as corrosion resistance (Experiment in solution) shall be suspended from bidding qualification in Beijing for 30 to 60 days. Since this year, the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development has suspended the bidding qualification of 21 construction units due to inadequate dust control

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