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Application of pmefluidtec fluid assisted injection molding technology

most applications are used in automobile or industry, and consumer products are becoming more and more common. The recently award-winning product using wit is a whipping tool for karro eco tomb, a horticultural product producer in South Africa. The trolleys are almost entirely plastic - except for rubber tires and 10 metal bolts in polyamide (PA) or PP frames fixed in non modified HDPE with dents in anti stick pots

the successful or failed application of fluid assisted injection molding technology can have a far-reaching impact on the acceptance of new technologies involved. Pmefluidt can also conduct impact, fatigue and other dynamic experiments. EC has been committed to only injection molding equipment, with water, gas and bomb assistance

etenheim, Germany, was founded in 2001 by the owner and managing director Friedrich Westfall. Pmefluidtec proudly refers to more than 100 applications installed by PME water assisted injection technology (wit) on the market. Many well-known companies have installed, end-users or benefited from pmefluidtec's wit, natural gas (GIT), pellet (PIT) and water/gas mixing equipment (CIT)

Westphal owns the world patent of unicycle, so although it is currently produced in the South African market, Europe, North America and South America are also under consideration. Due to high transportation costs, such a huge project from South Africa, Portugal is currently considering being a production base in Europe

the innovative design of unicycle won the gold medal in the product category of materialica. In October, 2012, the fair materialica material was in Munich. The jury of the award praised the innovative value, engineering design, appearance, "market impulse" and efficient production

notable features of the karro eco barrow include its ability to carry loads up to 150 kg pp- frame version and 200 kg PA version, despite its low weight and 10.2 kg of metal frame trolleys with kg whip. Unicycles also have a low center of gravity, have an innovative rolling motion, and reduce energy by 30% than metal trolleys

karro ecological tomb whip 1100 tons Klaus mafi machine molding. 50% short glass fiber reinforcement of RIA polymer subsidiary provided by German composite group VTS?? Strong, stable uv-pa in different colors of the unicycle's integrated frame and ergonomic grip. The cycle time is 62s. How long does it generally take to produce a test machine using the wit push back process instead of short shot or overflow? Process

pme software controls the process by adjusting the water flow to adjust the melt viscosity. Frame and grip, which also makes fiberglass reinforced PP whip, is designed to calculate the "golden average" after countless hand contours

Another high-profile success of wit is the Viking me339c electric lawn mower. This has the "comfortable bike handle", the grip of an integrated lawnmower and the production of switching units of poly (phthalamide) (PPA). This is a 48 second cycle time molding of intercablebruneck, an Italian and Austrian horticultural product manufacturer Viking, a subsidiary of Steele group in Germany

me339c lawnmower, booth design engineering and Viking, Won the general design award. "Shortly after the CeBIT exhibition in March 2011, it was easier to empty the straw container to a certain extent. Due to the single arm handlebar. At the same time, a larger model was introduced, which uses 30% glass fiber to strengthen the handlebar made of PA6 material.

Friedrich Westfall of PME believed that the potential of a good spinning single handle in the future. He said: "In line with the advantages of ergonomics, it can be easily realized for end consumers in the assembly of molds and substantially improved components, and the additional cost and grip in the production process can also be carried out. In the production process, in addition to simplifying the whole production operation and design advantages, this is a good example."

focusing on the benefits of design and innovation, he said: "The substitution of unicycle and lawnmower applications is just two examples. The impulse from metal to plastic comes from functional and humanized design, which leads to products that can better withstand plagiarism."

compared with git, Westphal said that the advantages of wit are the improvement of cycle time (this is a typical speed of about 60% wit), molding quality, design freedom, resulting in larger channel length and diameter, better component cost and more accurate size. Since water is incompressible, the water injection rate can be adjusted separately from the water pressure - resulting in much slower impregnation than with the surrounding surface of the gas. Water has 40 times higher heat capacity than gas, which, he said, will lead to rapid cooling

Westphal said that wit has better reproducibility, more sustainable production and the cost of water is negligible compared with nitrogen. But PME has also developed more and more git projects, "there are always some applications, it is reasonable to go to git"

pme has developed its own nitrogen based git equipment, from energy-saving nitrogen generator, high-pressure compression system and pressure control unit to various git ejectors

Westphal told "European plastics": "we have begun to shorten the cycle time to pass the test in git, rather than the possibility of supercritical CO2 fluid injection of nitrogen. Because this can easily be modified on our wit equipment, we should be able to further differentiate our PME from other competitors. "

a former German researcher at the IKv plastic processing Institute in Aachen joined pmefluidtec. In January, part of the company's plan moved to a higher degree of complexity in mold design. The company's goal is to use 3D design software and finite element modeling management in the design of two half molds in the early stage of the project.

new expertise and rapid growth support Next, PME can win more awards, adding to what it has won in recent years. In addition to the cart and lawn mower awards, PME was included in the SPE Central European Award to the Turkish molding machine teklas, In 2012, ppwit was formed with the pipe of the integrated flexible bellows section, and then the bellows was blown (European plastics "February and July/August 2012).

the pmecit process was published in the 2010 SPE China Europe automotive award, hangster, Germany, which is an integral part of the automotive engine compartment, and replaced by die-casting metal (European plastics" January 2011).

Lloyd's collar was awarded the SPE China Europe automotive award in Italy, and the ground was broken to introduce pit (European plastics in September 2006) 。

West will touch on the main design parameters such as material shrinkage at this time. Farr said that PME has developed an injection molding unit, which will form a plastic pellet pit, and part of it is applied. He said that the technology is ready to be introduced into the business

the design of Pa car seat backrest and front-end module is in the prototype stage. These achieve a good combination of rigidity and height, and glass fiber increases?? Strong material, with widely used ribs and additional reinforced hollow wit parts

pme is a new application of wit. These measures include ergonomic garden scissors, lawn mower housings and designer chairs

wit has become the Spain of automotive clutch pedal, such as PME equipment Batz automotive system. But PME is now also looking for more challenging applications using wit to produce carbon fiber reinforced plastic electronic accelerator pedals. Westphal believes in its potential, but problems remain, and both OEMs will be given approval for all plastic accelerator pedals

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