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Mei Lan Zilan leads the way of innovation

5 (1) heating, melting and mixing on September 27, the core brand of Schneider Electric, the global electrical giant, held a grand press conference in Shanghai with the theme of "leading the way of innovation 2005", and launched a series of brand-new products in the field of low voltage distribution and power quality management for Chinese users. The new products released this time have greatly enriched the product line of Meilan Zilan in this field, brought highly innovative products and design concepts to Chinese users, and further strengthened and consolidated Schneider Electric's leading position in the industry

in the field of low-voltage distribution, the new products released by Meilan Jalan this time include 400 to 630A EasyPact NSD molded case circuit breakers, which can be used for 750V DC compact ns DC circuit breakers, masterpact frame circuit breakers with significantly improved breaking capacity and other products. In terms of electric energy detection and management, Mei Lan and Rilan introduced new MC multi loop monitoring unit, accusine active filter, etc. to the market. This not only enriches the product categories of Meilan GERAN in the above fields, but also further meets the urgent demand of the market for such products. At the same time, according to the relevant person in charge of Mei Lan Rilan, in order to maximize the benefits to users, Mei Lan Rilan absorbed the cost growth brought by improving product performance to the greatest extent through internal potential tapping, which effectively improved the cost performance of products and enhanced the market competitiveness of Mei Lan Rilan brand

among them, the release of 400 to 630A EasyPact NSD molded case circuit breakers makes e's typical case in this regard as COMAC's efficient and durable aircraft floor support for the new regional jet ARJ21. The asypact NSD series has circuit breaker products with 21 current specifications from 15A to 630A, and forms a complete product series. In terms of performance, EasyPact NSD series products can realize double insulation, and the main circuit is completely isolated from accessories, so as to eliminate any possible faults between them. In terms of design, EasyPact NSD series adheres to Schneider Electric's "people-oriented" design concept, and through the free combination of a variety of internal accessories, various functions can be realized at will; It has a flexible incoming line mode, which can go down the incoming line and go out without capacity reduction; With compact product shape, it can fully save installation space for users. At the same time, based on the fact that this series of products are inventory products, users can achieve rapid delivery after ordering, so as to shorten the user's construction period as much as possible; The product code is simple and easy to understand, which greatly facilitates users' selection

in order to make the characteristics of compact NS series molded case circuit breakers more reasonable, Merlin Jalan upgraded the characteristics of some of them, such as: the breaking capacity of compact ns100n was increased from 25kA to 36ka, and the breaking capacity of compact ns400/630n was increased from 45kA to 50kA. At the same time, after careful market research and analysis, the research team embedded a thin layer of pet aerogel into a commercial fine particle mask and carefully researched and developed the product, and also introduced new features products - compact ns100sx and compact ns DC series DC circuit breakers. Among them, compact ns100sx is a new circuit breaker with a breaking capacity of 50kA; The rated current range of compact ns DC series DC circuit breakers is 16 ~ 630A. Its innovative solution is applicable to various DC systems. The breaking capacity of up to 100 Ka can be widely applied to 12 ~ 750V DC systems

as the smallest air circuit breaker in the world, masterpact MT n circuit breaker can meet the requirements of various use environments, and has the characteristics of zero flashover, maintenance free and complete intelligence. The breaking capacity of the upgraded masterpact MT n circuit breaker is increased from 42KA to 50kA. In addition, Meilan Jalan also launched masterpact MW circuit breaker, which is derived from the design of masterpact MT circuit breaker. On the basis of standard configuration, it has added models without electric operation and coil control, and its performance has also been greatly improved

with the continuous generation of new demands for electrical systems, the upgradeability of products determines the possibility of future expansion of the system. Therefore, Mei Lan Rilan put forward the concept of "guiding the path of innovation" in 2004, aiming to inspire and improve users' design innovation ideas and guide them to build flexible system solutions based on their full range of products, perfect services and leading technical performance; At the same time, Meilan Rilan also meets the changing needs of users in a timely manner with its highly modular products, integrated powerful communication functions and outstanding features of upward compatibility of design software. This new product launch is an important embodiment of the concept of "guiding the path of innovation" advocated by Mei Lan and Rilan. It not only further extends and expands this concept, but also opens new ideas for the development of the global low-voltage distribution field and power quality management field

as a world leader in the field of energy and industrial control and one of the global top 500 enterprises, Schneider Electric pays great attention to the Chinese market and always adheres to supporting the process of electrification in China with advanced technology, high-quality products and services. As the core brand of Schneider Electric, Meilan Zilan has long been committed to providing Chinese users with innovative products and services that meet China's national conditions and solutions that fully meet the needs of enterprises while leading the latest international technology. The new products released by Meilan Rilan this time are the result of its continuous promotion of technological innovation, improvement of product quality, and always paying attention to customer needs; Its thorough innovation of the original products in the market not only fully meets the growing demand of the market, but also guides the healthy growth of China's low-voltage distribution industry along the road of continuous innovation

guy dufraisse, President of Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said at the meeting: technological innovation and attention to customer needs are the leading factors for us to launch new products, and China has become the core production base of Schneider Electric. Under the guidance of customer demand-oriented business philosophy and design and R & D philosophy, Schneider Electric will continue to develop more advanced products and solutions suitable for China's national conditions, and create an "innovation road" for users and partners to guide the future

clamp the spacer of the gauge rod between the lever arm and the gauge rod

in addition, it was learned from Schneider Electric that the press conference coincided with the 10th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Schneider Power Distribution Co., Ltd. (SSPA) in China. At the end of this year, with the release of new products, SSPA will become the world's largest low-voltage frame circuit breaker enterprise, and its products will meet the needs of the Asia Pacific and North America

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