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PLM: fully realize virtual product development. Strategically speaking, PLM is a business strategy with products as the core. It applies a series of business solutions to support the generation, management, distribution and application of product definition information. Geographically across the entire enterprise and supply chain. It covers the whole life cycle from the concept stage of the product to the end of its mission. In terms of data, PLM contains complete product definition information, including all mechanical and electronic product data, such as software and document content

the full implementation of PLM can shorten the product development cycle by 20% - 30%, improve the productivity by 10% - 25%, reduce the material consumption by 20% - 30%, reduce the engineering change by 15% - 20%, and reduce the management cost by 4% - 12%. These savings and improvements can reduce product costs and increase the technological innovation ability of enterprises, so that enterprises can produce better products and have stronger competitiveness

from the implementation of some users who have implemented PLM solutions, we can fully illustrate the great benefits that PLM brings to enterprises

1. an aerospace product and its system: implement dynamic management and track the progress of the project, manage all kinds of non product information, and implement multi-level product data management to achieve: (1) reduce the number of design changes of typical products XXX and SPAA by 50%; (2) Shorten the development cycle of typical products by 30%, reduce xxx from 12 months to 7 months, and reduce SPAA from 20 months to 14 months; (3) Reduce the cost by more than 20% by reducing design errors and shortening the development cycle

2. Railway express box cars: implement the integrated management of PDM Product data to: (1) realize parallel product development and shorten the product development cycle by 30% - 40%; (2) Reduce the number of new product tests and trials by 5 ~ 6 times; (3) Every year, the cost of experiment and trial production is saved. The global manufacturing and consumption mode open the electronic universal experimental machine, which is the equipment often used by researchers. It costs 2million yuan to rebuild

3. motorcycle series products: PDM is used for product data management to achieve: (1) reduce the motorcycle design cycle from 18 months to 13 months; (2) Reduce design errors by 70%; (3) Reduce the number of standard parts of the enterprise to less than 500; (3) The company loses about 20 staff every year

4. Blower products: Iman system is adopted to effectively manage and exchange design, process, engineering analysis and manufacturing data, so as to achieve (1) the product scrap rate will be reduced to 0.04%, that is, the product scrap rate will be reduced by 80%; (2) The assembly repair time will be reduced from an average of 200 hours to 0 hours for 2 material tensile samples, reducing the repair rate by 90%; (2) The product development cycle is reduced from 7 months to 2 months, which is shortened by 30%; (3) Reduce the cost by 3million yuan every year

5. Jianghan Petroleum Bit Factory: established the engineering design database, realized the product database management and tool integration, and achieved: (1) the development cycle of new products was shortened from 24 months to 12 months; (2) The design cycle of deformed products is shortened from 8 ~ 12 weeks to 4 ~ 5 weeks, and the production cycle is shortened from 10 ~ 12 weeks to 6 ~ 8 weeks

6. an aircraft interior product: establish a concurrent design and manufacturing system based on PDM to realize the concurrent design and information integration of design, process and tooling, and reduce the development cycle of new products from 9 months to 6 months

7. an automobile product: establish a computer network environment, database management system and product data management system that support concurrent design, and achieve (1) the development time of new cars is shortened to 3 years, and the cycle is shortened by about 30%; (2) Reduce the number of design changes and trial production, thereby saving development costs of about 8million yuan

8. Hubei Electric Machinery Technology Center: using PDM (SmarTeam) from Israel, after nearly a year of operation, (1) nearly 5000 drawings have been designed; (2) Shorten the product design cycle by 30%; (3) Shorten the technical preparation cycle by 40%; (4) Save 30% of the drawing search time; (5) 74 new product contracts were completed that year. The project has passed the appraisal of Wuhan Science and Technology Commission, and received unanimous praise from the participating experts, reaching the domestic advanced level and the foreign advanced level in the 1990s. In addition, Ningbo Wanfeng Electric Co., Ltd., located in the Far East Industrial Park in the suburb of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, has also had similar application cases

technically, PLM combines a complete set of technologies and final practical methods, such as product data management PDM, collaboration, collaborative product commerce CPC, visual simulation, enterprise application integration, parts supply management and other business solutions. It communicates with all OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), subcontractors, outsourcing manufacturers, partners and customers in the extended product definition supply chain

in terms of business, PLM can develop potential businesses and integrate current and future technologies and methods, so as to efficiently bring innovative and profitable products to the market

the main purpose of enterprise informatization is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises with the help of informatization means. In the manufacturing industry, no matter how the enterprise informatization is classified, predicted, evaluated and defined, the final enterprise informatization will be divided into four main business areas, represented by the four main I how to choose the appropriate hydraulic universal material testing machine t information system. Namely product lifecycle management (PLM) system, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, supply chain management (SCM) system and customer relationship management (CRM) system. The organic combination and application of these four information systems constitute an important part of enterprise informatization. Enterprises can adopt the method shown in Figure 1 to build their own enterprise informatization framework system according to their own situation and facing a specific type of business problems

in terms of development, PLM is rapidly changing from a competitive advantage to a competitive necessity, and has become the only way for enterprise informatization


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