The hottest PM25 data released by Shenzhen yesterd

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Shenzhen published PM2.5 data yesterday, and it was questioned for only one day in two months.

Shenzhen published PM2.5 data yesterday, and it was questioned for only one day in two months.

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[China paint information] from now on, If you want to know a: the current electricity is still relatively stable. How much fine particulate matter (PM2.5), or how much sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other air quality index indicators are contained in the atmospheric environment around you? Just click Shenzhen Human Settlements () or Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Center (), and you can find the data you need

yesterday, Shenzhen human settlements Commission held a special press conference announcing that PM modern airliners such as Airbus A350XWB have adopted a large number of carbon fiber reinforced composites 2.5. The press conference said that from that day on, the ambient air quality data, including PM2.5, will be published in strict accordance with the national air quality index real-time report data format. The monitoring results of PM2.5 during the commissioning period from January to February this year showed that it exceeded the standard only one day in two months, and the situation was good, which was very different from the feelings of the people, so it was widely questioned

according to Li Shuishui, deputy director of Shenzhen human settlements Commission, since last year, in order to monitor and publish PM2.5 and other ambient air quality data, the Commission has conducted research monitoring on PM2.5 before Liyuan sub station, and then installed PM2.5 automatic monitoring instruments in 17 atmospheric automatic monitoring sub stations such as Honghu, Nanhu, Nanyou, etc. at present, it has the technical conditions to officially publish PM2.5 and other ambient air quality data

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