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PLD develops new applications in display, automotive and portable products

through continuous technological innovation, FPGA (field programmable gate array) and CPLD (complex programmable logic device) products are moving towards lower power consumption, lower cost and higher performance, combined with a series of efficient tools and rich logic, DSP (digital signal processor) and memory resources, System designers can choose PLD (programmable logic) to replace ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) and ASSP (special standard product) in more mass applications. In today's display, projection, automotive electronics and various portable products, PLD devices have replaced ASIC and ASSP and achieved success

case of display and projector system

FPGA and CPLD programmable solutions realize low-cost

flat panel displays and video projectors receive, decode and display digital video streams from various information sources. With the continuous reduction of flat-panel TV prices, this kind of TV has gradually entered thousands of households

today, FPGA and CPLD have become low-cost programmable solutions for displays and projectors. Altera's cycloneiii and maxii devices have the main functions required for digital video applications. Among them, cycloneiiiifpga adopts 65 nm low-power technology and is composed of 8 models, with 5000 to 120000 logic units (LES), 534 user i/o (input and output) pins, 4Mbit embedded memory and 288 embedded 18 × Multiplier, special external memory interface circuit, phase locked loop (PLL), etc. These features are advantageous resources for realizing high-end video and image processing functions

"Just can't 'eat it out'

Altera's latest cpldmaxii device is designed for low-cost and low-power applications. It has nonvolatile and low-cost characteristics, and is very suitable for realizing address decoding, system timing, system defect correction and other display functions.

in addition, Altera's stratixii device is a high-performance FPGA with low-cost and low-risk migration to structured ASIC, so as to reduce costs. Consumer Electronic manufacturers can use the high-performance stratixii series to carry out rapid prototype development, and then quickly migrate to structured ASIC by using Altera's hardcopy structured ASIC process

altera's stratixii device is the only high-performance FPGA in the industry, which supports low-cost and low-risk porting to structured ASIC to reduce costs. Stratixii device is produced by 1.2V, 90nmsram (static random access memory) process technology, with 180K logic unit (LE), 9mbitlam (random access memory) and 384 18 × 18 multiplier. Consumer electronics manufacturers can use the high-performance stratixii series to start design and rapid prototype development, and then use Altera's hardcopy structured ASIC process to quickly migrate to structured ASIC. Hardcopy and hardcopyii devices are the solutions with the lowest risk in the industry and the fastest product launch

the adoption of stratixii in HD TV will shorten the time to market and realize low-cost hardcopy structured ASIC. Shanedooley, product manager of navman navigation GPS, said that after using the cyclone series running NIOS processor to replace the commercial processor, we achieved the best quality video effect and improved in a variety of display sizes. These advantages combined with power consumption and low-cost characteristics have prompted us to adopt NIOS processor as the most suitable embedded solution

automotive electronic system case

single chip FPGA is more compact and reliable than DSP scheme

Sanyo Electronics Co., Ltd. adopts cycloneifpga and NiosII embedded processor in its cca-bc200 automotive rear view reverse camera system. NiosII embedded processor of cycloneifpga provides Sanyo with high-performance image processing solutions, such as scaling, coding and control functions, which reduces wide-angle and deflection distortion, provides real-time "fish eye" correction function for cca-bc200, and prevents "trapezoidal distortion". These functions realize clear and correct images, help the driver safely reverse and clearly see what is on the road

compared with DSP solution, single chip FPGA is a more compact and reliable solution, while the former usually requires more than two devices

hitoshihongo, manager of the automotive advanced technology center of Sanyo Electronics Co., Ltd., commented, "Altera's solution plays an important role in realizing the first commercial vehicle camera system in our industry. Many functions of this system were previously only seen in luxury cars."

cases in the field of portable entertainment

FPGA reduces the cost of high-performance applications

the field of portable entertainment involves many end products, including portable media players, portable educational toys, digital cameras and video cameras, handheld game consoles, portable GPS navigators, etc. In this application market, manufacturers are faced with rapidly changing market demand, and must highlight product advantages to ensure victory in the competition. There is a great risk for manufacturers to adopt ASIC or ASSP design methods only, resulting in delayed product launch or outdated product functions. After adopting programmable logic on its platform, manufacturers can quickly launch products and flexibly add the latest functions to products. In this field, Altera provides low-cost FPGA, while using structured ASIC to further reduce the cost of high-performance applications

masatoshiogawa, the chief expert in the development and Design Department of Toshiba digital media network's mobile entertainment products division, currently uses single-walled carbon nanotubes, saying: "The design flexibility of maxii devices enables us to complete the very urgent development progress in time. In addition, after evaluating several CPLDs and FPGAs, we determine that the low power consumption and low cost characteristics of maxii devices are the best choice for the most widely used atv30t portable digital media player of gigabe glass fiber." (end)

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