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What should we buy today

the problems of plastic packaging are highlighted

plastic packaging is mostly used in food packaging, and the safety of food is directly related to people's health. Packaging is in direct contact with food, so the safety of packaging will affect the safety of things. In recent years, the problems of plastic packaging have become more and more prominent, and various problems about plastic packaging products continue to appear in various places. It has caused great waves all over the world. (full text) * hidden dangers in the use of food plastic bags

* 40000 toxic plastic bags were found in Chongqing

* more than 10% of plastic products were found unqualified through spot check

* an unannounced visit to the three plastic packaging markets in the south of the capital of Hubei Province

* hidden "murders" in plastic packaging in the food packaging industry

* plastic packaging discounts pollution-free vegetables

* toxic plastic bags: ravaging the food market

* cancer causing fresh-keeping film in supermarkets makes a comeback

* unqualified Kunlun barreled water sells well in Nanchang

there are many factors in the safety of plastic packaging

due to the variety of plastic packaging, the manufacturing process is also different, The potential safety hazards of plastic packaging can be attributed to the disposal of this signal by the disposer in five aspects: plastic itself, additives, printing and dyeing materials, production raw materials and production conditions. Although most plastic packaging is a qualified harmless product with the ability to resist permanent deformation and fracture of strong metal, improper use will also become a factor endangering health. (full text) Pollution of raw materials

pollution of plasticizers

the standard will improve the price lag of most additives used in plastics worldwide

* waste records + sulfuric acid = toxic milk bottle raw materials

* industrial raw materials are common. Plastic barreled edible oil has hidden dangers

* half of drinking water uses dirty raw materials

* experts confirm that: many raw materials for lunch boxes are waste

* some PE fresh-keeping film raw materials have problems

* medical waste is a new star Become carcinogenic plastic cup * plastic barreled oil contains harmful plasticizers

* interpretation of plasticizers in food packaging materials

* Guangdong: there is no specific data on water and food contaminated by toxic plasticizers in plastic products

* fresh-keeping film must "say goodbye" DEHA plasticizer

* serious plasticizer pollution in food in China * standard lag plastic food packaging is difficult to ensure food safety

* food container standard bhsi422 levelness lag plastic barreled oil is harmful to health

* standard lag has once again triggered plasticizer safety thinking

* standard lag has caused food safety disasters. Governments at all levels and relevant national departments have issued a series of measures for these problems in plastic packaging, Relevant state departments have implemented a series of policies and measures. Accelerate the formulation of relevant national standards, strengthen the certification of plastic food packaging, accelerate the research and development of new materials, and standardize the production and sales of plastic packaging. Fundamentally solve the potential safety hazards of plastic packaging and ensure the interests of consumers. (full text) *Jinzhou: establish and build a recycling station for waste packaging bags

* Shandong Yinan county bureau carries out a special inspection on plastic packaging containers for food

* China will consider making PVC food preservative film a legal inspection product

* directly facing the preservative film and toxic tableware China Packaging issued the green action proposal

* five strategies to ensure the safety of China's food plastic packaging

* Hainan will restrict the use of plastic packaging

* the country will Compulsory certification for packaged products

* Tianjin strictly investigates the "six prohibitions" of plastic packaging Products

* Hunan Province will launch a special rectification action on plastic packaging containers for food

* Jiangxi: no marketing of plastic packaging of unlicensed food

* China will implement access to the production of plastic packaging of food and other products

* statement:

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