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What on earth should disinfection cabinets sell

in China, except for health workers, I am afraid that most people will not think that "disinfection" is necessary in life. At the same time, the benefits brought by disinfection cupboards to consumers can not be judged with the naked eye and can not be experienced personally, which determines that the development speed of disinfection cupboards has been so slow since their invention, and there is not much room for development in the future

therefore, a term that has recently appeared very frequently in the industry is to redefine the disinfection cupboard. In fact, how can we redefine it? Things originally existed there. Only in the past ten years, the development direction has been wrong. And just wrong about what we're selling

let's take a look at the situation when the sterilizing cupboard was invented. One day, Xiao Chen, a young worker of Kangbao, came across an inspiration in his life: the dishes and tea sets at home are often polluted by cockroaches, ants and flies. They can't be wiped clean with a cloth. It's difficult to cook in the pot. The drug disinfection is afraid of the residue of the drug liquid, resulting in side effects. So he proposed to build a household appliance that can store dishes and chopsticks and has the function of disinfection. He called it "electronic disinfection cupboard", and the disinfection cupboard was born

please note that "disinfect the cupboard" and "disinfect" are attributives, which means that it has the disinfection function, and the cupboard is the main one. It can be said that in the eyes of the inventor, this thing itself is a "cupboard"

however, later, in terms of product design and development, and in the process of industrial promotion of disinfection cupboards, our enterprises abandoned the basics and emphasized their disinfection function. Even after a period of time, the word "bowl" in "disinfection cupboard" was omitted, and "disinfection cupboard" became the main name of this commodity. At the same time, the difference between the appearance design of the product and that of the "cupboard" is too far, so that consumers were curious to ask "how much does this small refrigerator cost?"

from the perspective of consumers, disinfection is not a necessity of life, but "cupboards" are indispensable to life. Different understandings of the same product directly determine the development space of the product

disinfection cupboards have been developed for 15 years. At present, the annual market capacity is less than 2billion, while microwave ovens that began to develop in the domestic market in the same period have already entered thousands of households. In addition to South China, where the temperature is high, the humidity is high, the virus and bacteria multiply rapidly, and the kitchen utensils are easy to be polluted, the ownership rate of disinfection cupboards in other regions in China is obviously low, except that there is a certain amount of ownership in ordinary families. What's the problem? Some customers say that after buying the experimental machine, the disinfection awareness of Chinese consumers is not enough and needs to be cultivated and educated. The question is, can the Chinese people's living habits of thousands of years be educated and changed by one or two manufacturers? An inappropriate metaphor is "ants shake trees"

since it is difficult for consumers to change, the manufacturers should change. Since our interpretation of consumers' demand for affirming the applicability of materials to a certain process and terminal use is wrong, why can't we change it? Why can't we actively cater to consumers' ideas instead of trying to change consumers' living habits

try to change another idea: if we sell a "cupboard" with disinfection function, just like an air conditioner with health function, "disinfection" is only a function that this commodity must have, which is different from the traditional cupboard. Its essence is the place where the dishes and chopsticks are placed. It is a necessary kitchen to make the home cleaner. "Although the design of personalized solutions is mostly boring furniture". It should be easier for consumers to accept this. It is more realistic to persuade consumers to spend a higher price on a piece of furniture that can reflect their taste than to educate consumers to change their hygiene awareness and improve the disinfection awareness of the whole nation

what is the difference between "selling cupboards" and "selling disinfection"

obviously, selling "disinfection" means constantly emphasizing how good the sterilization effect is, how high the sterilization rate is, and what technical content it contains. As for products that are more beautiful and more in line with the style of modern kitchens than traditional cupboards, it is just a supplementary selling point

selling "cupboards" should be the main selling point because they are more beautiful in appearance, more in line with the decoration style, more in line with consumers' life taste, more reasonable in the layout of tableware, and more in line with ergonomics. The sterilization effect should be the auxiliary selling point because it can protect consumers' health

the most realistic situation in the market is that consumers can't be sure which kind of disinfection cupboard has better sterilization effect. It's their own shopping guides who justify themselves there. The only thing they can judge is whether the product is beautiful, whether it conforms to their own aesthetic habits, and whether it makes their kitchen cleaner at home. Many embedded disinfection cupboards with the beautiful appearance and no sterilization effect on market have grown most rapidly recently, which can illustrate this point

of course, there must be some consumers aiming at the disinfection effect. What this article discusses is only the keynote of "disinfection cupboards", but whether we choose to be a "fool camera" or a "professional camera". In order to popularize disinfection cupboards, we must meet the needs of most consumers. If you don't want to expand this industry, but are satisfied with the part of consumers with disinfection awareness and high health requirements, you can choose to only make professional disinfection cabinets with high added value and high profit, which is also achievable for the profit goal of the enterprise

if we want to make this industry bigger, we must change our views on disinfection cupboards and the inertia of market operation over the past 15 years

the author even fantastically designed such a scene, specially designed an ozone generator, which can be conveniently installed in the traditional cupboard, and sold for more than 20 yuan. In this way, the consumer's cupboard can become a disinfection cupboard. I wonder if it can be sold

at least I think there is a market! Moreover, this market has grown with the disinfection manufacturers' continuous efforts to "educate consumers to change Chinese enterprises to be talented enough to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery, to become hygienic and to establish disinfection habits"

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