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What thoughts has the "mother humiliating assassination" brought to LED screen enterprises

Abstract: as a part of China's real economy, the LED display screen industry has not been spared. The difficulty in loan and financing is a shackle that restricts the development of the LED display industry. Since 2011, the fundamental reason for the collapse of many LED display enterprises is mostly the rupture of the capital chain

recently, a vicious debt collection incident occurred in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, which has returned to the view of the broad masses of consumers. It has caused heated discussion in the society. The cause of the case was that the mother of Yu Huan, the party concerned, encountered difficulties in business operation and capital turnover, borrowed usury with a monthly interest rate of 10% from local social forces, and was eventually chased by the creditor due to difficulties in repayment. 1.35 million yuan, with a monthly interest rate of 10% and a loan sharking European Commission (EC) investment of 1billion euros. The event reflects the plight of China's real economy today

as a part of China's real economy, the LED display industry has not been spared. The difficulty in loan and financing is a shackle that restricts the development of the LED display industry. Since 2011, the fundamental reason for the collapse of many LED display enterprises is mostly the rupture of the capital chain

in the final analysis, any problem can be attributed to social problems. "Mother humiliating assassination" highlights the deterioration of social ecology. The proliferation of "usury + violent debt collection" is undoubtedly a reflection of the deterioration of the economic ecology. The LED display screen industry is currently in a period of rapid development, and its application fields are becoming more and more extensive, which has brought a good external environment for the development of enterprises. In the face of such a big environment, some people work hard to carry out product technology innovation and brand upgrading; Some people also engage in unhealthy competition of low price and low quality for the sake of a temporary market

no matter what strategy is adopted, a bottom line must be kept, that is, the profit amount that can enable the benign development of the enterprise must be maintained. Otherwise, when the enterprise encounters difficulties and its own funds cannot solve the difficulties, the incidents of usury and violent debt collection in the "mother humiliating assassination" will be staged in the LED display industry

the "high debt ratio" of screen enterprises

in recent years, due to many factors, such as the rising cost of raw materials and labor in the whole industry, and the low profit margin of enterprises, some enterprises have encountered difficulties in operation. In the face of difficulties, large listed enterprises can raise funds through listing, but many small and medium-sized enterprises have to borrow from banks or even borrow at usury in order to survive

China has different definitions of usury. Usury generally refers to loans whose interest rate is four times higher than the benchmark interest rate of the central bank in the same period. Looking at the debt situation of major LED screen enterprises in the industry, we can see that the growth of total assets of enterprises is closely related to the debt ratio, and the "step by step" status of their debt ratio is mainly related to the slow collection of accounts receivable and the overstock of inventory. If the enterprise needs to maintain its survival by borrowing at high interest rates when the payment collection cycle is slow, it will undoubtedly be drinking poison to quench thirst

however, the development of LED display screen is still in a relatively weak link in the real economy, and there is no unified industry standard to regulate the development of the whole industry. In fact, in addition to the government's support for some upstream enterprises, they rely entirely on their own development. Enterprises can only rely on their own technology and capital industry chain

although listed companies and characteristic enterprises are able to compete in the market, the life of small and medium-sized enterprises may not be so easy. Small and medium-sized enterprises are often in a disadvantageous position in the competition because they have neither scale advantages nor strong financial strength. Due to the uneven quality of employees in the whole industry, many enterprises do not consider differentiated competition, nor do they care about product quality competition and service competition in order to enter the market. Instead, they blindly use low price, low quality and other competitive means that are not conducive to the development of the industry, resulting in the deterioration of the competitive environment of enterprises

facing the reality, the enterprise only has to find its own position, actively do a good job in internal coordination and turnover, protect its own capital chain, and provide guarantee for the good development of the enterprise in the future. Secondly, only by strengthening our own innovation ability can we win the market. For small and medium-sized enterprises, they must create products with unique competitiveness and form their own product characteristics in the market segments in order to occupy a place in the future market competition

violent debt collection among screen enterprises

at present, the gross profit of domestic LED display enterprises is generally maintained at 15-20%. Due to the competition in the industry, some enterprises keep their prices very low. Everyone knows that low price is the best way to occupy the market. Some illegal manufacturers produce fake and inferior products at the expense of quality, resulting in dead lights and black screens. The difference between products is getting smaller and smaller, and the homogeneity is getting higher and higher, which makes the market competition more and more difficult. At the same time, it also lowers the grade of LED display products, leading to confusion in market competition

on the other hand, the existence of violent debt collection can also reflect the decline of the real economy. It is noteworthy that the LED display industry is a high-risk industry of "triangle debt". However, due to poor management or poor capital turnover, some small and medium-sized LED screen enterprises, as borrowers of usury, are generally short of funds, and the interest of usury is high, which often adds up to more than the principal, so it is common that they cannot repay the principal and interest as agreed. In some places, debt collection gangs have the nature of underworld and may have "protective umbrellas" behind them. When several factors are combined, violent debt collection will naturally occur

if we want to expand the LED display industry, we must concentrate our efforts, integrate resources and optimize the allocation of industrial resources. The market rule has always been the survival of the fittest. Only by guiding and supporting the leading enterprises with relevant technical background as the main body, strengthening the technical research on key links, key components, key common technologies and major products including extension, chip, packaging, supporting raw materials and equipment, and prospectively arranging the next generation of LED display technology, can we gain the leading edge in the new round of technology competition

as the main force of LED display enterprises in the world, Chinese LED display enterprises should focus on improving product quality if they want to occupy a place in the market economy. We should not only concentrate on digesting the excess capacity of low-end industries, but also accelerate the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading. Only by revitalizing the real economy can the quality and efficiency of economic growth be continuously improved. Quality avoid blind investment in homogeneous and low-quality products, and guide the development of capital and technological forces towards industrial upgrading and cross-border application

led display the world looks to China. We believe that Chinese LED display manufacturers can support and even lead the development direction of global LED display and make great contributions to the upgrading and development of the industry. However, anyone who uses illegal means to destroy the industrial rules will be killed if he insults his mother

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