What to do for normalized LED lighting enterprises

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What about the normalization of "environmental storm" LED lighting enterprises

on February 14, the law enforcement personnel of Guzhen Town Environmental Protection Branch divided into four inspection teams to conduct post inspection on Gusan Industrial Zone, so as to prevent the resurgence of the phenomenon of illegal discharge after the year. A total of 45 factories and enterprises were inspected, including 15 enterprises involved in waste gas emission

on February 17, the environmental protection branch of the town received a report from the masses that there was a pungent smell of foam near the playground of the senior middle school in the ancient town, which seriously affected students' after-school activities and physical exercise. Immediately, the township environmental protection branch and the township safety supervision branch conducted a surprise inspection on the complaint area, and found that there were three foam plants in production in the area, which had environmental violations

in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on environmental impact assessment and the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of air pollution and other relevant provisions, the township environmental protection branch issued the notice on correction of environmental violations within a time limit, requiring them to stop work immediately and relocate within a time limit. The town safety supervision sub Bureau sealed up the electricity meter on site

it is reported that in the next step, the environmental protection branch of the town will continue to combine routine inspection and special inspection to strengthen environmental law enforcement and supervision. Once environmental violations are found, they will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the newly revised environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China and the environmental protection regulations of Guangdong Province, so as to prevent the "resurgence" of environmental violations

in order to prevent lamp enterprises from falling into panic again, the author specially interviewed Wang Ping, member of the Party committee, vice mayor and director of the Law Enforcement Bureau of Guzhen Town. In this regard, the newspaper learned in detail from the town environmental protection branch:

1. It is strictly prohibited to accept new, modified and expanded construction projects involving heavy metals, such as metal surface treatment (electroplating, pickling, phosphating, painting, painting, coloring and oxidation)

2. It is strictly prohibited to accept new, reconstruction and expansion projects involving air pollution such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, such as coal-fired boilers, coal-fired (oil) die-casting, casting and other fuel as media, heavy oil and coke related enterprises

3. It is strictly prohibited to accept new, modified and expanded petrochemical construction projects, such as paint commissioning, resin processing and waste plastic processing

4. Strictly control the construction projects with large environmental pollution, such as wood processing, hardware polishing, glass sanding (Introduction), paper (plastic) printing, metal stamping, injection molding (plastic) processing. Such enterprises must stay away from the "1035" plan, so that the new material industry will usher in important development opportunities in sensitive areas such as people and schools, and improve relevant environmental pollution control facilities

5. Guide light pollution construction projects to go through relevant environmental protection procedures, such as lighting assembly, hardware processing, etc

3. It is strictly prohibited to stack construction waste, industrial waste and toxic or unknown hazardous waste. In particular, hundreds of waterproof enterprises are eyeing the high-speed rail waterproof project, the river embankment and open space within the water source protection zone of our town

law enforcement site

commercial streets and community shops

1. It is strictly prohibited to use loudspeakers to attract customers, such as Gusi Dongxing West Road to Nanxing road; Haizhou Xinghong road; Tongyi Zhongxin road and Gangdong Wenxing road. The noise pollution of shops in the above sections is particularly serious, with a large number of letters and visits. Some shops also install horns on the ceiling

2. It is forbidden to set up the catering industry in the community without a special flue, such as Liufang garden, ancient siyiting garden, Gangdong Mingzhu home and Haizhou junior middle school teachers' dormitory, which have been reflected that the catering waste gas disturbs the residents

1. All industrial enterprises are strictly forbidden to enter. In recent years, many families have changed their houses to live on the lower bunk or in the factory in order to increase their income, and even the whole house has been changed to an industrial plant, which has brought serious potential safety hazards and environmental problems to themselves and nearby residents. In particular, such plants have settled in industries with waste gas and noise pollution, such as LED chip processing, tin dipping processing, screen printing processing and glass processing

2. All units and village residents shall conduct self-examination, stop enterprises and individuals that have environmental pollution and illegal acts, and terminate the lease contract in accordance with relevant laws and regulations

in the next step, Guzhen Town will increase the frequency of daily monitoring of waste gas emission enterprises, urge enterprises to do a good job in environmental protection, seriously investigate and deal with environmental violations, melt small crystals to fuse the fracture surface, and realize reorganization through dispersion, so as to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment. Carry out "look back" in key areas with prominent environmental protection problems to strictly prevent the resurgence

in this regard, it is particularly important to remind lamp enterprises that they must mark the plastic bag with QS logo, and manufacturers "the most important thing is to go through relevant environmental protection procedures". At the same time, people are encouraged to actively report illegal acts. Welcome to call the environmental protection bureau at 12369

illegal acts and reward standards

unlawful act incentive standard

dismantling or idling pollutant treatment facilities without authorization

those who set up sewage outlets in violation of regulations or privately set up concealed pipes to discharge waste water

those who fail to transfer industrial waste water according to regulations

those who fail to obtain a sewage discharge license according to relevant regulations to discharge waste

illegal transfer of hazardous wastes, without operation license or failing to collect, store, utilize and dispose hazardous wastes in accordance with the provisions of the operation license

construction projects that discharge heavy metal containing water pollution have "construction before approval" and "investment before inspection"; If it meets the recognition standard, RMB 5000 will be awarded.

the chimney of an industrial enterprise emits black smoke due to abnormal use of air pollutant treatment facilities or unauthorized change of fuel; (the above rewards that meet the recognition criteria: 10% of the penalty fine)


I still remember that last year's environmental storm made the industry jittery and caused panic in the industry. In fact, a big reason for manufacturers' panic is that they don't understand the standards for environmental protection. They follow suit and close the door when they see law enforcement vehicles. Moreover, in the establishment of a group of factory bosses with more than 500 employees, they hired others to follow the law enforcement personnel and disclose law enforcement information

in the middle of spring, plants and trees will spread and spring mountain will be expected. The town is about to usher in the small peak season of the new year. Dealers from all over the country can be seen everywhere in the streets. A large number of new product orders will be ready to go. Both sewage discharge enterprises and environmental protection enterprises need to make a lot of preparations to cope with the upcoming industrial changes

"it is better to be a villain today than a historical sinner". It is the general trend to fight pollution with an iron fist. There is no way out for environmental protection, and only "pollution-free" enterprises can have a future

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