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What to do when the spring of cone crusher "falls off the chain" at the critical moment

what to do when the spring of cone crusher "falls off the chain" at the critical moment

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the conical crusher has been mixed in the mining industry in recent years, and the "spring iron passing protection device" can be said to take the greatest credit. Jinan is a base specialized in the production of experimental machines. What about the "chain falling" of the spring at the critical moment? Listen to the mining equipment expert Hongxing machine senior engineer

when the non breakable objects (such as iron blocks) enter the cone crusher, the crushing force increases. At this time, the pressure exerted by the thrust plate of the cone crusher on the working hydraulic cylinder is greater than the thrust provided by the hydraulic cylinder. The oil pressure in the high-pressure oil chamber of the working hydraulic cylinder rises instantaneously. The throttle valve makes the action valve act, and the system discharges oil, limiting the maximum thrust (i.e. the maximum crushing force) of the thrust plate to protect the iron ore crusher

the function of the spring is to protect the equipment from damage when the cone crusher enters the non breakable objects. Therefore, the pressure of the spring should adapt to the crushing force of the cone crusher. The spring does not move during the normal operation of the crusher. The spring is compressed only when the iron block falls into the crushing chamber to overload the crusher

the locking spring on the cone crusher is not only a device to cause normal crushing force, but also a safety device to protect the crusher from damage when passing through the iron. Therefore, the spring tightness (height after compression) shall be adjusted within the range specified in the manual, and the tightness of each group of springs shall be adjusted to the same degree

if the spring has the specified tightness, but the support sleeve still beats frequently, the cause must be found out, and the method of re tightening the spring cannot be adopted casually. Because the spring is excessively compressed, the safe compression process of the spring is reduced and the load of the parts is increased. When entering the non broken objects, it will cause the destruction of the spring screw spindle and other important parts

if the spring has normal tightness, but the support sleeve still beats frequently, there are many possible reasons for this. If non broken objects enter the machine; Phase change materials with uneven ore feeding or over setting have been widely used in building materials; Excessive fines in ore feeding; Small ore discharge opening; It is caused by wet ore feeding and blockage of ore discharge outlet. After the process, the symptoms are eliminated. However, due to the jumping phenomenon caused by too hard ore and insufficient spring strength, it largely determines that the use of this kind of plastic and rubber is that the machine performance is not suitable for ore production and processing conditions and should be adjusted in time

the spring is very important for the cone crusher, which is the guarantee for the normal operation of the equipment. Its specification can be selected from 100kg- ⑴ 400kg. The Red Star Machine reminds the user that in the face of equipment problems, the first thing to do is to find out the cause of the fault, and then give "medicine" to the disease, so as to achieve "medicine" to "disease" elimination

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