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The European paper market continues to be depressed. What should China do?

recently, some major European paper-making enterprises expressed their views on the current market situation. Due to the stress change on the test sample, the enterprises predicted that a new round of decline would occur in the global economy. Therefore, European paper-making enterprises, on the one hand, reduced their production capacity in Europe, and on the other hand, increasingly marched into emerging markets and packaging

Stora Enso is the third largest paper and paperboard manufacturer in the world, which is a masterpiece of various conventional fabrics and fabrics and high resilience foam fillers. The CEO of the company, Jouko karvinen, said that the European paper industry has been struggling with reduced demand and overcapacity for a long time, and now it should accept this market weakness as a new normal. At the end of 2008, our market demand in Europe fell by 20% in six weeks. After two and a half years of recovery, we have only recovered by 50%. This is actually the current normal demand level

in some rich countries, the demand for paper has fallen sharply: people no longer buy books and newspapers, but instead pursue tower crane performance experiment gb/t5031 ⑼ 4 reading and other electronic media, such as Apple's iPad tablet. Even kangyoukun, a big man in the paper industry, is always on the iPad. According to his own introduction, he reads newspapers and magazines in a completely different way

the economic crisis has not been lifted, consumption habits have changed, and the recovery of the European paper market is far away. Another worry is that once advertisers turn to digital media during the economic crisis, will they come back in the future

many European paper giants share the same feeling with kangyoukun. Ralph boettger, CEO of Sappi paper, the world's largest coated paper producer, introduced that Sappi is now ready to strengthen its sales in emerging markets such as Russia and China. Beitege expressed that we are interested in entering the Brazilian market. At the same time, the mechanical fatigue spring testing machine uses the electromechanical and reducer connecting cam to drive the connecting rod to do reciprocating motion. We are also seeking to strengthen our market share in China. We may speed up this process through acquisition. It is reported that SAPE has selected some acquisition target enterprises in China and Brazil

SCA, another swedish enterprise, entered the market by acquiring Turkish enterprises

in addition to entering emerging markets, European paper companies are also seeking to enter new business areas, such as packaging. M-real in Finland is transforming from a paper-making enterprise to a packaging enterprise, and its long-term goal is also locked in the Asian market

Stora Enso is also strengthening its investment in the field of packaging paperboard. The company, in cooperation with Arauco of Chile, has invested US $1.9 billion to build a 1.3 million ton pulp project in Uruguay

in addition, European paper companies are also paying close attention to the scale of UPM's production reduction, because it will have an impact on the sales price of the whole industry. Other paper-making enterprises are also preparing to close their paper mills that are in poor operating conditions

as the most important source of paper supply in the world, Europe's paper industry as a whole is declining. What about China's paper industry? Should everyone's investment enthusiasm become more rational

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