Wuhan startled the giant bird cage, and the constr

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A huge "bird cage" appeared on the bustling Xinhua roadside in Hankou. A closer look, it was actually a club, the facade was covered by an iron "bird cage". "Is this decoration illegal?" Yesterday, Mr. Liu, a citizen, was quite curious about this

Mr. Liu introduced that at the intersection of Xinhua Road and Machang road in Hankou, Xincheng international runya garden has a row of shops on the street, with a two-story building on the West. Later, the external facade of the shop was decorated and a huge iron "bird cage" was made, which looked very eye-catching outside the building

yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the intersection and saw this "bird cage" from a distance (as shown in the figure). The whole building was covered by steel pipes and there was a hook on the top. The top of the building is one floor away from the top of the bird cage, which is decorated into a small garden

the reporter came closer and saw that the building was a club, providing catering and other services. A supervisor in the club said that they submitted the decoration to the urban management department for approval. The reporter then came to the community property office. The relevant person in charge said that the shops reconstructed the facade of the building, which was under the management of the urban management department

the reporter then contacted Jianghan District Urban Management Bureau. The relevant person in charge said that after investigation, the club had been reported to the fifth team directly under Jianghan District Urban Management Bureau for approval before decoration, and it was not an illegal building




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