Personalized children's room is designed well, and

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If children's toys, books, etc. can be stored in the wardrobe, the room will look spacious and clean. If the space of the wardrobe is not enough, you can extend the area and put some unused items into the drawers and cabinets of the bed

if a child likes to paint, the picture frame showing his works will greatly stimulate his enthusiasm for learning. If he loves music, a piano and a display cabinet for trophies also become reasons for children to love his room

you can prepare more baskets or storage boxes, or choose some transparent or translucent boxes appropriately, so that they can be placed in different categories according to the size of books or stationery, develop good living habits, and do everything in good order

in addition to combining furniture, you can also choose some interesting small spaces for children. The space under the bed can be made into a child's exclusive storage space. Put a carpet on it, arrange his books neatly on the shelf, and then hang a bulletin board on the wall, so that he who is full of curiosity can regard this small space as his exclusive territory

the cabinet can be divided into small cells, and the classification can be more refined. Children can be taught to put shoes and hats in large cells, small cells for small clothes they often wear, and toys they like can be placed in these different cells to strengthen children's memory. For example, socks, underwear, handkerchiefs, etc., so that they can develop the habit of placing as needed

in order to make the room look more spacious and increase the storage space at the same time, the clothes and hats storage cabinet has abandoned the traditional cabinet door setting, and painted the wall of the cabinet with lively and lively green, with white drawers and shelves below, in sharp contrast. This combined cabinet can also adjust the position of drawers and shelves according to the storage needs. Hanging poles are set at the lower part to hang clothes, and shoes, backpacks, hats and other outdoor supplies can be placed in the small cabinet below, which can be neatly hung on the hook





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