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I believe many people are looking forward to the arrival of the intelligent era. This convenient smart home has also become a red sea, and it is also one of the important objects of franchise investment. Now let's take a look with soston smart lock

with the advent of the intelligent era, the mission of the door lock has also changed and gradually developed into an intelligent lock. Intelligent lock is extremely important in the era of intelligence. In addition to a simple switch lock, it can also record your data and related behaviors. Especially now, smart door locks have been widely used in smart homes, smart hotels, smart buildings, long and short rent apartments and other fields

nowadays, smart fingerprint locks gradually replace traditional locks and begin to assume the important responsibility of home protection. The demand for smart locks is growing, and its market development space has also entered a blue ocean mode. With its ultra-high share and broad market, many investors feel the development opportunities of smart lock and want to make a big show in the smart lock industry. Therefore, joining the smart lock brand has become the choice of many entrepreneurs. Ansett, as a new brand of smart fingerprint lock, has aroused strong repercussions from consumers once it is launched. Naturally, it has also become the object of entrepreneurs competing to join

the reasons why soston smart lock can get the favor of people in a short time are simply the following:

the smart lock can develop so rapidly and get the recognition of the public, mainly because its door control system has two characteristics of high security and convenience. As a brand rookie in the smart lock industry, southton is better in security and convenience. The unique five fold warning locking system adopts the five fold locking mode setting of fingerprint, app, key, password, fingerprint + password. Multiple authentication verification can be selected for door opening access, and the bank vault can also be used. The optical 3D living fingerprint lock adopts a Swedish fpcr fingerprint scanner, which can identify quickly, reset the stress bearing handle for a long time, double the high torque capacity, and the split design of the reading control motor ensures the door control safety. When someone is kidnapped, the fingerprint lock can also be used to call the police for help. In short, in a word, soston smart lock realizes the integration of civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense, and the function of home security

the dual guarantee of quality and alliance support has become a brand with great prospects in the industry.

as a new high-tech intelligent product, the core components and workmanship of the product are completed in strict accordance with the German process requirements and quality standards. Super class B German lock cylinder, a variety of heterosexual anti pull bullets; Hand integrated electric slide cover and 0.03mm seamless link; The lock body can be equipped with 99% anti-theft doors to realize multi brand exchange. It is this extreme pursuit of detail that makes it an insurmountable height in R & D and manufacturing technology

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