Decoration formula wallpaper

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Common wallpaper specifications are 10m long and 0.53M wide per roll

rough calculation method: ground area *3= total area of wallpaper

total area of wallpaper/(0.53*10) = number of rolls of wallpaper

accurate calculation method:

length of each roll of wallpaper/actual height of room = number of components used

Room perimeter/wallpaper width = total number of units used, total number of units used/number of components used = number of rolls of wallpaper used

tips: when calculating the amount of wallpaper, subtract the height of skirting board and top line. In addition, the area of doors and windows should also be subtracted from the usage

this calculation method is applicable to wallpaper with plain color or fine flowers. The larger the pattern, the greater the loss. Therefore, you should buy about 10% more than the actual consumption





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