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The decoration paint smell of a business building in Xiangtan made the staff in the building dizzy

"the air was filled with the smell of all-purpose glue, and the little girl at the front desk could only plug her nostrils with toilet paper." On September 18, Mr. Zhang, a citizen of Xiangtan, told the evening news hotline 58266666 that an office on the ninth floor of jinxiangtan business building was being renovated, resulting in white dust and pungent paint smell in the corridor. Many office workers in the building had symptoms such as dizziness, abdominal distension and pain. After many negotiations, the decorated room was temporarily suspended

Mr. Zhang is an employee of an insurance company and is on the same floor as the room being decorated. "Starting from the 15th, I spent every day in the pungent smell of painting and grinding the wall, and my body obviously felt uncomfortable." Mr. Zhang said that the decoration of this place has been going on for some time, but since four or five days ago, the air was filled with gray dust and paint smell. Many colleagues complained one after another, and dizziness and lower abdominal pain occurred at the same time

not only the office staff are uncomfortable, but also the customers who come to the door are not satisfied. "More than 40 customers came, many of whom said they were uncomfortable and dizzy." On September 17, Mr. Zhang's company held a customer networking event. Many customers complained that the air in the event environment was pungent and smelly, and they all returned disappointed

on the morning of September 18, on the ninth floor of jinxiangtan commercial square in Yuhu District, we saw that the decorated room had been closed, but there were still some white decoration powder in front of the door, and the air in the corridor was still pungent

due to the absence of the boss who rented the office building, Mr. Zhang and the company's employees can only negotiate with the on-site decoration workers. "The workers just do things, ignore us, and move the table to the corridor to spray paint." Mr. Zhang said that this disturbing decoration was not suspended until noon on the 17th

"maybe in order to save money, except for the sofa, tables and cabinets are all made by someone now." Ms. Zhang from another company on the same floor said that the tenant was a young man who graduated from university and started his own business. The room being renovated is a design room jointly run by him and others




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