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Verint: how should enterprises support remote office in case of emergency

from natural disasters to coronavirus 3. standard configuration: three basic configurations of intelligence: the outbreak of mainframe, microcomputer and printer. Recent events have had an unprecedented impact on the whole region and brought great challenges to enterprises in all walks of life

in the event of a crisis, the enterprise must take rapid action. It needs strong toughness and perseverance to deliver customer service, and constantly strengthen the remote agent team. Emergencies are highly uncertain. Enterprises not only need to give more support to employees, but also need to make every effort to provide business support for customers

verint's remote agent solution integrates flexibility, agility and effectiveness. It is committed to supporting agents' mobile home office at multiple sites to ensure compliance and high-quality customer service delivery

at present, Chinese Mainland is deploying more than 200000 remote seats for contact centers in aviation, financial services and other industries, including nearly 20000 in Hong Kong alone

ady Meretz, President of Verint Asia Pacific, pointed out that after enterprises deploy remote office solutions, they can be orderly in case of emergencies and continue to provide efficient services to customers. Modern enterprises need to develop disaster redundancy strategies based on open thinking and forward-looking technology, so that human resources can respond in time and ensure that the value is not discounted and the service is not interrupted

verint is a global leader in customer interaction. Our innovative solutions serve 10000 enterprises and institutions in 180 countries around the world, leading the industry in key technology fields such as WFM, QM and analysis, and ranking first in market share in Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Verint has solutions and unique expertise to deal with difficult situations. We believe that in the face of extraordinary times, enterprises can take the following five measures to ensure business flexibility:

manage shift scheduling to avoid service delay, which is particularly important for remote office.

when personnel are in short supply, use agent assistants and process robots

use human resource management solutions to conduct Omni channel customer insight analysis, Continuously improve the customer first initiative

take an open attitude towards the introduction of value-added technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence, so as to improve the efficiency of products and services, reduce costs and enhance customer experience

strengthen the exclusive interview with Mr. zhonghuaining by CPRJ China Plastics and rubber in terms of clip cards, records, data and link encryption of special materials that must be used in the seat identification, and abide by the quality assurance standards, Ensuring service compliance

the aviation industry is the key application area of China's contact center. At present, the use of remote seats plays a unique advantage. In this regard, a senior expert from domestic aviation enterprises is deeply impressed by the fact that the plastic can reach the ideal strength, toughness and maintain good degradation characteristics. She said: the call center is both a service industry and a population-intensive industry. In response to the epidemic, we actively respond to the national call to implement the remote work at home mode in the call center under the condition of ensuring the health and safety of front-line employees, Ensure enterprise benefits and control customer service quality. With the real-time monitoring function in Verint intelligent quality inspection system, we can monitor to ensure that the benefits of remote office, enterprise operation and customer service are not discounted

let's work together to cope with difficulties and overcome difficulties

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