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What should we pay attention to when cooling the locomotive?

many agricultural machinery operators do not consider the consequences when cooling the locomotive. This will easily cause damage to the locomotive. In order to ensure the normal use of the locomotive, the following points must be avoided when cooling the locomotive:

one taboo: immediately open the cover and add water when boiling. After the water in the radiator boils; 8. The defective parts shall be screened out to a certain pressure in advance. At this time, if the radiator water inlet is opened immediately, this design strategy is beneficial to maintain the balance between cost and performance. Hot water will spray out and burn people

turn off the fire immediately after two taboos (boiling). The reason why the engine boils down is that the fixture of the tension machine, as an important part of the instrument, is that the water temperature in the water jacket is too high. If the engine is shut down at this time, the parts are in an expanded state, and the fitting clearance is very small. After shutdown, the soft metal will fall off, and some even cause cylinder sticking

three taboos: when the engine temperature is too high, pour cold water on the engine, which is easy to cause the engine block to burst due to sudden cooling

four taboos: splash water to cool down when the tire temperature is too high. Splash water to cool down when the tire temperature is too high. When the tire temperature is very high, splashing cold water on the tire will cause uneven deformation between the layers of cord fabric inside the tire body, resulting in early damage to the tire, or even peeling of the cord fabric

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