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What to do if the agricultural machinery breaks down during field operation

due to the frequent operation of agricultural machinery in rural fields, it is inevitable that failures will occur. For a qualified agricultural machinery operator, mastering some necessary basic judgment methods for agricultural machinery failure can be targeted to repair the machinery that will fail in advance, which can not only improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery production, but also extend the service life of agricultural machinery

most agricultural machinery is operated in the field, with poor working environment and far away from the metropolis. Therefore, the operator is required to quickly analyze and judge the faults of common agricultural machinery, understand the causes and manifestations of the faults, and eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents in time. So what if the agricultural machinery breaks down during field operation? The following points are summarized for you

1. Power failure phenomenon

when the horn doesn't sound, the lamp is driven by a 1.5KW synchronous motor without any light, and the starter doesn't turn during the driving of the agricultural machinery, it means that the vehicle is completely powered off. At this time, check whether the pile head of the battery is loose. " Do not pry at random during inspection. Use carp tongs to fork and touch two pile heads. If there is no spark, it means that the pile head is loose. Tighten it with a wrench; If the power failure is still not eliminated after the pile head is tightened and cleaned, check the connection of the two pole conductors, and repair the poor contact in time; If a single cell of the battery is damaged, copper wire can be used to connect the good cells directly

2. Fan tape damage

if the fan tape is damaged, it is usually broken. Several strands of thick rope can be used to tighten the plastic machine industry in China, which will increase by more than 12% every year on average. Its length and thickness should be similar to the original fan tape, but the rope head should be in the middle, not exposed, and then tied tightly with iron wire; It is also possible to drill a small hole at both ends of the original fan tape and connect it with thick iron wire for temporary use. In the above method, the engine shall be run in for several minutes to check whether the fan rotates normally

3. Tire failure

when the tire fails and there is no Jack to replace the tire, the damaged tire can be driven to the dirt road first, and then the first 760 × four hundred and sixty × 1965 the axle or rear axle shall be padded firmly, and a pit shall be dug under the tire to be removed to make the tire suspended, so that it can be removed and replaced

4. Flameout

there are two main reasons for the frequent flameout of agricultural machinery during operation. One reason is that the diesel filter is too dirty and the filter element is tightly wrapped by oil sludge. Remove the filter element and clean it; Another reason is that the spring pressure of the oil return valve in the oil return hollow screw of the high-pressure oil pump is too small or the sealing is not tight, and the pump body cannot form pressure. A small wooden plug can be used to cushion the spring to form pressure, or the steel ball can be replaced

5. Valve spring is broken

if only one part is broken, the two broken springs can be installed and used in a reverse direction; If the spring is broken several times, the multi cylinder engine can remove the adjusting bolts of the inlet and exhaust valves of the cylinder, close the valve, stop the cylinder, cut off the oil and replace the spring

6. Radiator leakage

if the inlet and outlet water hoses are slightly broken, the water leakage can be wrapped with adhesive tape and soap, and then tied tightly with iron wire; If the hose is seriously broken, cut it into two sections with a knife from the broken part of the hose, put a suitable bamboo pipe or plastic pipe between the hoses, bind it with iron wire, and then install it; When there is slight leakage in the copper pipe of the radiator core, you can use pliers to gently clamp the water leakage to make it no longer leak

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