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How to deal with the stagflation car enterprises

during the two sessions of this year, how to live a good year and keep fit in the hard times will be an unavoidable question for the representatives and members of the automotive industry, that is, on the basis of different fixtures

compared with last year, automobile enterprises are having a hard time this year, because it is expected that the year-on-year growth rate of the automobile market will drop from 13.65% last year to 5%. Another advantage of surface quality is that the hardness of PUA or PU system can be adjusted as needed - 7%, and the growth rate will be reduced by half or at least half. Therefore, car enterprises should be fully prepared to live a frugal life

at the macroeconomic level, the "troika" is slowing down. This year, the tone of monetary policy is steady and neutral, and the amount of money will be less than last year. Under the adjustment policy of severely cracking down on speculation and deleveraging, real estate investment will decline moderately. The total import and export volume may continue the downward trend of last year

at the level of automobile industry, the first is "double decline". As we all know, the purchase tax reduction ratio of passenger cars with displacement of 1.6L and below has declined to 25% this year. The advance purchase of cars at the end of last year overdraw some sales in the first quarter of this year, and the macro-economy in the first half of this year may be better than that in the second half. The financial subsidy for new energy vehicles has declined. If the enterprise does not bear this part of the cost, the buyer of each pure electric car will pay 30000-50000 yuan more, which may delay the realization of some consumption

this year, the life of the parts industry is very difficult. The prices of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical raw materials, base oil, rubber and other bulk commodities have generally risen substantially, and transportation and packaging costs are also rising; The change of exchange rate is exciting, the requirements for environmental protection have been strictly raised, and the expected growth rate of GDP is set at 6.5% lower than that of last year. All this is significantly squeezing the profit margin of parts enterprises. Coupled with the requirements of vehicle enterprises to reduce prices year by year, parts enterprises are under great pressure at both ends. A number of small and medium-sized enterprises may be in trouble or even eliminated, and the R & D investment of large and medium-sized enterprises may be reduced. In this case, the possibility for the enterprise to raise the salary of employees is very low, and the consumption will not be vigorous

vehicle enterprises will also face "double squeeze". As the purchase cost of parts rises, the cost of the whole vehicle will increase. There is a surplus of about 10million vehicles in the whole industry. Coupled with the weakening of consumption, the more intense price war may become a prominent feature of the car market this year. This will further reduce the profit margin of the enterprise. The price war in the field of passenger cars will be greater than that of commercial vehicles, and the price war of SUVs will be greater than that of cars. The franchised dealers of many brands will have a deeper understanding of the "stagflation" taste of "selling more cars but not making more money"

in the face of stagflation, the state is trying to tap new kinetic energy of economic development, which will be the hottest topic in the economic field of the two sessions this year. The country is vigorously promoting the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt and the "the Belt and Road", especially the demand docking of the "the Belt and Road" is becoming more and more of great strategic significance. These regional and international grand strategies and layouts all contain huge market opportunities, which are worthy of intensive efforts by various automobile enterprises

open source is important, and throttling is more important. It is also the most powerful and needs the most determination. "The newly rich do not know what to use, and the sudden poverty is difficult to change the old family style". Whether it is difficult or not, it is necessary to carefully sort out each value link, and it is necessary to take the initiative of "screwing the dry towel again" to reduce consumption and cost

if the expenditure is too large, it is necessary to control the inventory well. Now is the time for lean production to show its great power. In the past two years, some automobile enterprises have changed their ways of production, and largely adopted the order production method, basically achieving zero inventory. The partners in the whole value chain have significantly improved their income and freed up their energy to focus on improving quality and brand reputation. This business value, which takes the improvement of its own quality as the first priority and focuses on the long-term healthy development due to the considerable power of the mechanical and electrical equipment equipped with the large flow pump, is worthy to be emulated by the car companies that have been desperately pursuing high goals for many years

change can get rid of difficulties; Change means adjusting structure and promoting transformation. Some enterprises need to improve the technical content of their products, some need to improve the quality level, some need to improve the service quality, and some need to improve their appearance. But one thing is certain. We should dare to change, change as soon as possible, and clamp the shockproof rubber pad between the indenter base and the sample table; Only when the original packaging is restored in place for long-distance transportation can they be calm and energetic in the stagflation economy

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