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What sparks will 5g and 8K TVs produce?

2018 is coming to an end. When 4K TVs have not been fully popularized, 8K TVs have been launched in the market. While we were still cheering for the rapid development of 4G network, the major brand manufacturers had already promoted 5g in full swing, and the operators also said that they would start pre commercial 5g next year

nowadays, life is inseparable from communication. No matter you live, work or study, or whether you operate the transmission or reception of information, you need the support of wireless communication. From 2G and 3G to the popularity of 4G now; From the cable black-and-white TV to the breaking 4K and 8K large screen wireless set-top box LCD TV and even the "crimpable" OLED TV, all these are inseparable from the support of scientific and technological forces. It can be said that people's lives have been closely related to communication all the time since ancient times. The development of Internet has brought human communication into a faster and more convenient era

what kind of sparks will the development of 5g and 8K TV spark? It may be that TV relies on powerful 5g technology to make TV a mini, but it is not only a simple matter of fast speed, but also means that TV is more intelligent and mature in automation and other applications. According to the high-speed transmission characteristics of 5g, it is connected with 8K TV to bring greater data transmission, so as to realize the era of IOT, and then bring a large market to the TV industry, So as to promote the diversified development of the new national standard test contents and items publicized by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, which have been 10 points clear

TV is the household appliance with the largest screen in our life. Consumers' pursuit of TV, including LianZhan Technology Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in Taiwan, is not only limited to watching TV dramas, but also a TV product that can automatically search columns after linking, integrating video, entertainment, games and other functions. Nowadays, compared with the development of industries in Tier 2 cities in the provincial capital, the display panel technology is becoming more and more mature, and it is not only the change of screen size, but also intelligent. At present, with the continuous innovation of TV industry technology, 55 inch TV, 65 inch and even 75 inch TV have been produced and sold by more and more manufacturers in the market. It has to be said that the expansion of TV screen area has become the development trend of TV, and of course, it is more intelligent

in short, driven by the Internet, the communication and home appliance industries are changing. We don't know how they will develop, but they are new opportunities and new markets for product enterprises

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