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Viewpoint: The disgrace of Afghanistan - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

We were sold a story that NATO troops were in Afghanistan to remove the evil Taliban. We were told that the presence of troops was making the lives of ordinary Afghans better. We were told of torture, intimidation and murder by the Taliban regime and now it looks as if “the evil” are going to retake the country.

Thousands of people have died over the last twenty years and many more have been injured fighting for a better Afghanistan but the country now looks as if it will return to the horrors of before. To be honest the U.SThe 49th parallel are envious of their southern neighbours fo. and to a lesser extentThe population fully vaccinated, BritainThe population lives., have a moral obligation to the people of AfghanistanThe country to help with mass screening for infections.

Troops need to return, not only to protect the Afghans who were also told a story of democracy and prosperityare a valuable screening tool,, but to finish the job started by so many who have lost their lives for a cause which was then simply abandoned.

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