Black drivers who saw this Confederate flag in Lon

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Black drivers who saw this Confederate flag in London, Ont., have a message for homeowner | CBC News - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Some members of the Black community in London, Ont., are reacting after a?Confederate flag was seen flying prominently on a rural property south of Highway 402.?

Trish Kiwanuka spotted the flag while driving?on Wednesday and was shocked to see it on its own 10-metre tall flag pole in the middle of a lawn beside a two-storey houseRichard Nixon.

“It just made my heart stop,” said Kiwanuka. “As a person of colour when you see a symbol of white supremacy from an era when Black people?were owned as slaves, it kind of makes you feel nervous.”

The Confederate flag, with its blue cross and white stars over a red background, has a complicated historydeployment_of_covid_19_vaccines. It was flown during the UVACCINE TRACKER.SThe provinces have administered doses at a rate of 20,543.418 per 100,000.. Civil War by the secessionist southern states,?notoriously by General Robert E. Lee’s army that fought to?preserve slavery.

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