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Modern equipment plus Internet thinking to strengthen the lobster takeout industry

Abstract: in the midsummer of 2014, Dai Jinsheng, who was eating crayfish in Beijing's "Yijie Street" and other places, had a whim: "can we do an entrepreneurial project with the help of the current hottest o2o economic model, so that people can eat crayfish at home in the future, regardless of seasons?" At that time, the domestic crayfish business was in full swing

within 30 minutes of placing an order, the hot spicy crayfish was delivered to the door. As the first crayfish o2o enterprise in China, "here comes the crayfish" connects crayfish with big data, integrating traditional catering with new industries such as express delivery and intelligent manufacturing, and adding new choices to people's consumption

self created user management system, with a daily turnover of up to 750000 yuan

in the midsummer of 2014, Dai Jinsheng, who was eating crayfish in Beijing's "Jianjie" and other places, had a whim: "can we use the current hottest o-2o economic model to do an entrepreneurial project, so that people can eat crayfish at home, regardless of the seasons?" At that time, the domestic crayfish business was in full swing

do whatever you want. Dai Jinsheng quit his job as a Sohu executive and started a business with several friends who loved shrimp. In December of the same year, the Internet catering company "prawn is coming", which specializes in crayfish takeout, was successfully registered. From the media industry to the catering industry, Dai Jinsheng, who is not proficient in cooking, is not flustered at all. "The most important thing about takeout is logistics. To provide fast and safe logistics services to ordering users, having an intelligent user management system is more important than understanding cooking." Dai Jinsheng's team spent less than half a year to build a user management system for this new equipment by using PolyOne's thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material room with soft touch

Dai Jinsheng's user management system has changed the inefficient situation of independent order grabbing by delivery personnel. "After the user places an order, our system will automatically calculate the optimized distribution route of multiple orders, and then send the order and route to the distributor." Dai Jinsheng said that the system can also estimate the number of orders, guide the production work of regional kitchens, shorten the waiting time of delivery staff, and ensure that the delivery can be completed within 30 minutes

"here comes the prawn" was officially launched in May 2015, and nearly 1million users accumulated six months later. For more than two years, "prawns are coming" has sold an average of 10000 Jin of crayfish per day, with a maximum daily order volume of 5000 orders and a maximum daily turnover of 750000 yuan

unify the taste of crayfish, integrate traditional catering and Internet thinking

insurance sales return "prawns are coming" to catch up with the era of rapid growth of China's takeaway industry. As of June this year, there were 295million takeaway users in China, and ordering has become a new consumption fashion. However, in order to stand out from takeaway brands, in addition to speed, quality is also required. Food safety and taste are indispensable. Especially with the gradual expansion of the user range of "prawns are coming", the kitchen for cooking crayfish has also expanded from a central kitchen to multiple regional kitchens, and the implementation of standardized cooking procedures has become the key

electronic clock, salinity meter, kitchen scale... Dai Jinsheng's team began to "arm" every regional kitchen with precision cookers, but the result was not satisfactory. "Traditional Chinese chefs like to rely on experience, and even precision cookers are not often used." Dai Jinsheng had to take a "mandatory approach" - first let the experienced crayfish chef carry out thousands of taste experiments, prepare the best flavor bag, and then distribute it to the regional kitchen through the cold chain. Finally, the chef can directly use the bag. This not only ensures the consistency of taste, but also helps "prawns come" to quickly expand the market

Dai Jinsheng recalled that the idea of cooking standardization was closer to Internet thinking, so it was difficult for traditional Chinese chefs to accept it for a while. To this end, the entrepreneurial team listened to the suggestions of Chinese chefs on the cooking standards of crayfish, and explained the advantages of interconnected thinking to Chinese chefs at the same time

shrimp should be delicious, clean and safe. In view of the fact that most crayfish restaurants can't trace the food data, "here comes the prawn" requires the regional kitchen to immediately enter the processing information such as the storage time, cleaning time and material package consumption of crayfish, so as to ensure food safety, but once again encountered the confusion of the Chinese kitchen

"Chinese cooks feel that their job is to make shrimp, and they will not enter data." Dai Jinsheng said that in order to reverse their ideas, the company began to organize training for all people to specifically learn how to use big data systems. In this way, it took a whole year to complete the food data system and achieve food safety traceability and monitoring. "The shrimp came, and the electro-hydraulic servo change fatigue experimental machine is mainly composed of the host (including servo swing actuator), constant pressure servo pump station, relay energy storage and oil filtering module, full digital single channel servo controller DTC 200s, supporting experimental software and other accessories"

in September this year, Dai Jinsheng launched the crayfish breeding base project in Hunan, ensuring the safety of the supply chain from the source and driving farmers' income. "Prawns are coming" is also preparing to expand to second and third tier cities. "We hope to use Internet and big data to truly integrate cities and towns, production and consumption, so that entrepreneurs can work hard and consumers can rest assured." Dai Jinsheng said

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