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Modern industrial clusters gather to the "four dragons" in Changsha

modern industrial clusters gather to the "four dragons" in Changsha

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Guide: among central and western cities, Changsha is the only one whose counties (cities) (Wangcheng was removed from counties to districts in June 2011) are among the top 100. The economy of Changwang LiuNing has developed rapidly over the years. Changsha's four dragons have become an important support for Changsha's economic growth. More and more modern industrial clusters have gathered to the four dragons and become counties

among the cities in the central and western regions, Changsha is the only county (city) (Wangcheng was removed from the county and divided into districts in June 2011) that has entered the top 100. The economy of Changwang LiuNing has developed rapidly over the years. Changsha's "four dragons" have become an important support for Changsha's economic growth. More and more modern industrial clusters have gathered to the "four dragons" and become the engine of county economic development

on August 19 this year, the office of Hunan county economy leading group and the Provincial Bureau of Statistics jointly released the development of Hunan county economy in 2010. Changsha's "four little dragons" (Changsha County, Wangcheng County, Liuyang City, Ningxiang County) rank firmly in the top four economically strong counties

on August 20, the national scientific development of county economy held in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, has developed very rapidly in recent years. The Theoretical Seminar published the 11th National Ranking of basic competitiveness of county economy. Changsha County rose 7 places from the 25th place last year, ranking 18th, ranking first in the middle for four consecutive years. Liuyang (64th, 65th in 2010) and Ningxiang (68th, 73rd in 2010) entered the top 100 county economy. Wangcheng, which ranked 92nd last year, withdrew from the evaluation due to the withdrawal of counties and districts

Zeng Zhiyang, a young man from yujiaao, Ningxiang, worked as a security guard in other places after he transferred from the army seven years ago. In 2009, Sany crane settled in Ningxiang. He left the big city and returned to Ningxiang to join Sany, starting as an apprentice

Zeng Zhiyang's original idea was very simple. If a man has a craft, he can earn more money to support his family. Two years later, the output value of the company tripled. Recently, he was promoted to become a manager, and his salary increased from more than 1000 yuan a month that year to more than 5000 yuan. He said that his dream grew with the expansion of the company

Zeng Zhiyang's dream relies on Ningxiang County's dream of transforming from a large agricultural county to a strong industrial county. In the past five years, Ningxiang has built a composite county economy of "industry led, town driven, three industry interaction, and urban-rural overall planning", and modern industries such as Electromechanical, new materials, and new energy have settled in Ningxiang. At present, Ningxiang has more than 120 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan. In the first half of this year, Ningxiang achieved a total industrial output value of 54.83 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the level of the whole year two years ago; In the first half of this year, the growth rate of industrial tax also exceeded the growth rate of industrial output value for the first time, with tax revenue reaching 950million yuan, an increase of more than 80% year-on-year

Ningxiang County has leapt from 169 to 68 in terms of its comprehensive strength in the country in just five years by vigorously promoting "building a strong county through industry"

establishing counties and developing parks through industry is also a magic weapon for the rise of Liuyang City in Changsha County, Wangcheng, and then projecting the magnified outline of illuminated objects onto the projection screen through the objective lens. If the county is prosperous, the whole city will be prosperous, and if the county is strong, the whole city will be strong. Open the layout of industrial parks in Changsha, you can see that three of the four national parks are in the county, they are Changsha Economic Development Zone, Liuyang Biomedical Park and Ningxiang Economic Development Zone

Changsha County strives to build "China's capital of construction machinery" and "Hunan Automobile Industry Base". A number of major industrial projects such as GAC Fiat, Shaanxi Huantong phase II, Zhongtai Jiangnan phase II, and Shanhe intelligent forklift production line are progressing smoothly

Wangcheng has successively established Hunan Wangcheng national agricultural science and Technology Park, Hunan high-tech food industry base and Hunan Taiwan investment zone, which were later merged into Hunan Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, and was successfully selected as "Hunan's top ten industrial parks with the most investment value" last year

relying on Changsha National biological industry base and manufacturing industry base, Liuyang will build a 100 square kilometer industrial new city, develop emerging leading industries such as biomedicine and electronic information, and form advantageous industrial clusters. The fireworks "ten billion project" and "transformation and quality improvement project" have also been launched

"in recent years, the development of county economy in Chang, Wang, Liu and Ning has shown a prosperous scene of catching up with each other and promoting each other. The proportion of the total economic output in the city has increased year by year." According to the person in charge of the municipal agricultural office, the total amount of Changsha county economy has been expanding, and its contribution to the city's economic growth has been increasing. The county economy has become an important supporting force for the city's economic and social development. In 2010, the four counties (cities) in Changsha achieved a GDP of 19.66 billion yuan, accounting for 43.5% of the city's total economic output, an increase of 2.2 percentage points over the previous year and 5.4 percentage points over 2005. The proportion in the city's economy is increasing year by year. The contribution rate of county economy to the city's economic growth increased from 38.7% in 2005 to 66.6% in 2010

at the same time, the four counties (cities) of Changsha have accelerated the pace of attracting investment, increased investment in fixed assets, and constantly accelerated the transformation of economic development mode, which has significantly accelerated the development of county economy in the city. In 2010, the city's total county economy increased by 16.6% over the previous year, an increase of 1.5 percentage points, 1.1 percentage points faster than the city's average growth rate, and 2.3 percentage points faster than the urban growth rate. The general damage of finance to the eyes may be that the growth rate of indicators such as permanent budget revenue, large-scale industry, fixed asset investment of the whole society, and total retail sales of social consumer goods are higher than the average level of the city. The county economy has become the most dynamic and potential plate in the regional economic development of Changsha

the "four little dragons" actively promote economic structural adjustment, vigorously cultivate emerging pillar industries, and the proportion of the added value of the secondary industry in GDP tends to rise. The tertiary industrial structure was adjusted from 15.1:54.3:30.6 in 2005 to 9.2:68.8:22.0 in 2010. Compared with 2007, the proportion of the primary industry decreased by 4.8 percentage points, and the proportion of the secondary industry increased by 8.1 percentage points

Changsha's "four little dragons" are playing a more and more important role in the development of Hunan county economy. How do they reflect their leading position

Zhang Youliang, a professor at the Party School of the Hunan provincial Party committee, believes that among the 88 counties and cities in the province, Changsha's "four little dragons" account for 16% of the total economy. In recent years, other counties and cities cannot be surpassed. Some strong counties and cities behind it plan to enter the top five in the "12th Five Year Plan for high stability control of all experimental processes". Changsha's "four little dragons" have changed from attracting investment to selecting business. Most of the introduced industries are new industries such as environmental protection, which has played a good exemplary role in Hunan. He suggested that Changsha's "four little dragons" should still take the development of industry as the direction, develop parks and form advantageous industrial clusters in the future

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