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The application of traditional Chinese cultural elements in modern logo design (Part 2)

3. Traditional graphics and modern logo design

from the painted pottery with human face and fish pattern basin on Banpo in Xi'an in the Neolithic Age to the lifelike stone portrait of the Han Dynasty, "Jingke stabbing the king of Qin", from the gluttonous patterns on bronzes to the simple tiles of Qin and Han Dynasties, these graphics have different forms and are simple in ancient taste. It is the image interpretation of the social life of the Chinese nation in different periods, and also truthfully reflects people's aesthetic purport in different periods. Many works that are recognized by the world and have distinctive national characteristics and cultural connotation are inspired by traditional graphics

the logo of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV successfully draws on the traditional Chinese phoenix pattern, and adopts the unique Chinese structural form of "happy meeting". One phoenix and one phoenix fly high, sonorous and singing. It vividly expresses the characteristics of the media, as well as the brand's lofty intention, and the spirit of the king who leads his peers. With two flying and circling Phoenix images, it represents the complementarity and integration of two different cultures between China and the United States, reflecting the integration of East and West The cultural concept of the north and the South has an obvious brand of Chinese civilization

the logo of China Unicom is a modern interpretation of the auspicious pattern "Pan Chang" in ancient China. "Pan Chang" originates from the "eight auspicious" of Buddhism, which originally means "with a long history, these properties include zigzag strength and zigzag modulus of elasticity". The logo adopts circuitous lines to symbolize the highly developed modern communication network in the information age. The whole logo is easy to remember and full of strong national complex. The high recognition brought by the distinctive image has played a positive role in the expansion of coverage, exhibition and business promotion of Unicom users

4. The influence of traditional Chinese philosophy on logo design

as early as the ancient times of cave dwelling and fishing and hunting, our ancestors "looked up and observed astronomy, looked down and observed geography", "looked at all things from a distance, and took all bodies close", and had a clear thinking about the universe and life consciousness. During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, Confucianism, Taoism and other schools have explained their views on the world, life, ethics and Taoism, which have formed the cornerstone of Chinese philosophy through the washing and accumulation of the times. The form and concept of the most representative "Tai Chi diagram" are often used for reference by designers. For example, the logo of Shenzhen Main Park "Water Park" is designed on the basis of "Tai Chi diagram", and the "Tai Chi diagram" framework adds up and down, endless water patterns, reflecting the ever-changing characteristics of the theme "water" in the "Water Park". While emphasizing the dynamic and harmonious formal beauty, it contains the philosophical concept of change, unity and freedom, and conveys the "dynamic and static view" and "space-time view" of Taoism

the logo of the Bank of China is simple in shape but far-reaching in meaning. It integrates the cosmology of "round sky and place" in the traditional Chinese philosophy system, and borrows the composition technique of the evolution of Chinese characters and the shape of ancient coins in shape. The square hole in the center runs through the central line to symbolize circulation and connection, and the outer circle represents the internationalization trend of the Bank of China facing the world. It embodies the industry characteristics and deep cultural complex of banks

the application of these traditional cultural elements in logo design is often pluralistic. Such as Bank of China, 2008 Olympic Games, China Post and other signs are the organic combination of calligraphy and seal cutting, embodiment and image, form and concept. This multi complementary design concept not only enhances the sense of cultural massiness, but also helps to extend the design concept and enhance the visual appeal

second, the significance of integrating Chinese culture into modern logo design

logo is a symbol of brand image, which condenses the characteristics, reputation and culture of enterprises and groups. It represents the value of the brand. The symbol of excellence is not only an intangible asset of the enterprise, but also has an irreplaceable position in the minds of consumers. It also has a high value of connecting 10 actuators simultaneously to work synchronously

for example, the logo of Phoenix Satellite TV is valued at 22.832 billion yuan by professional institutions. Nike, most of its products are OEM by other manufacturers, but it can earn several times the money of the manufacturer. To be exact, it sells Nike trademarks. Not all signs can be worth ten thousand gold. After all, the value of signs is closely related to the decision-making and management of enterprises. It will be an inevitable fate for the symbols without personality, creativity and deep cultural connotation to be ignored and obliterated. Therefore, the competition of economic strength in the world is actually the competition between brands

a new round of economic rise and Cultural Renaissance will be in the East, as many insightful thinkers and design masters have said. With 5000 years of cultural heritage, the big brand "China" has eternity, wisdom, mystery, exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled creativity. This series of seductive values has a tendency to fade away in the development of "modern" China. This is enough to alert us who talk about internationalization and re-examine our cultural blood

how to re-examine traditional culture from a new perspective of modern aesthetics? As Mr. Jin Daiqiang said, "we don't have to draw Peking opera masks and wear dragon robes to make people recognize Chinese people." On the basis of a full understanding of traditional culture, we should extend its "meaning" and spread its "spirit", so that traditional culture can be updated and expanded in modern logo design. We can also use the permanent broaching machine unique to the logo itself: editing the impact specimen notch broaching machine is the equipment for processing the Charpy impact specimen notch and has a wide influence, promoting the dialogue and interaction between eastern and Western cultures

(author/luoshengjing, Guangdong University of Technology)

Guangdong packaging (fourth issue, 2005)

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