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Located in the Changqiao logistics base of Shanghai modern logistics investment and Development Co., Ltd. on the road that makes vehicles unbalanced, workers are warehousing the "floating water" products of Shanghai and yellow and white cat Co., Ltd

it can be seen that the freight forklift will put the pallets containing 40 boxes of "floating water" products into the warehouse. When the forklift passes through the Fred reading and writing equipment buried underground, the large screen system next to the purchase platform displays the pallet information, product name and purchase quantity. The "floating water" product is put into storage for only a few seconds

this is the pallet epc-rfid project that Shanghai Modern Logistics Investment Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as modern logistics) cooperates with Intel

initiated by Intel, modern logistics tests the water RFID

compared with RFID preaching that "thunder and rain are small" in the Chinese market, the driving role of Intel makes this emerging technology expected to be widely used in the logistics industry first

in November, 2005, Intel, as the initiator and organizer of the epc-rfid project, took Bailian Group, China's largest retailer, as the terminal application vision, and selected the "bleach" detergent products of Shanghai Hehuang Baimao Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hehuang Baimao company"), one of China's leading manufacturers of daily-use chemicals, as the collection object of article related information and data. "We hope to build a transparent supply chain from manufacturing to logistics to retailers," said Zhou Yi, the investor of Huang Yi project, senior market manager of Intel Asia Pacific

this project enables Shanghai Modern Logistics Investment Development Co., Ltd., which belongs to Bailian Group, to visually provide immediately available, "transparent" and single product information services to upstream manufacturing enterprises in the supply chain and final consumers. And through the application of new technologies, expand the functional links and depth of the "integrated" service of supply chain management, optimize the internal business processes of enterprises, improve the efficiency of management decision-making, reduce related costs, and improve the reflection efficiency and competitiveness of the overall supply chain

Huang Yizhou commented, "the structure of this project is very similar to the RFID supply chain project first implemented by Wal Mart, an American retailer. From P & G's daily chemical products to Wal Mart's distribution center, point-to-point operation tests were carried out to evaluate the operation value of epc-rfid system in the supply chain system."

in March, 2006, epc-rfid entered the implementation stage under the joint cooperation of Intel, modern logistics, Huang Baimao, Beijing Weishen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., BEA, symbol and HuaQuan technology. Beijing Weishen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weishen Electronics) is responsible for RFID hardware design and hardware integration

as a manufacturing enterprise, Hehuang Baimao company adopts the form of logistics outsourcing, and selects Shanghai modern logistics company to provide it with a full range of logistics services to carry out products warehousing, transportation, supply and other businesses. The epc-rfid system selects the "floating water" products of the yellow and white cat company as the source of the supply chain. From the end of the product line, the assembly line automatically stacks the pallets, enters the data, and delivers them to modern logistics

epc-rfid system combines with the MIS system of yellow and white cat company to complete the delivery of its products, in transit transportation, warehousing and warehouse management of Longqiao warehouse, and then arrange the delivery of its products according to the sales orders received by yellow and white cat company, and transport them to 156 distribution centers or distribution points in the city (including Bailian Group)

modern logistics draws on a large number of third-party logistics service cases and develops a set of supply chain management software suitable for modern logistics enterprises, which basically meets the operation of logistics service chain. The system includes warehouse management (exceed 4000 v3.8), transportation management, freight forwarding, customs declaration, settlement, finance, performance evaluation and other modules, and cooperates with Intel to carry out the research and implementation of epc-rfid system in the process of logistics operation

products accurately "walk"

2006 Jiyu technology, Jingwang Xincai, xinfurui phase 2 and other "singles players" who master "specialized and new" technology settled in May, and Weishen electronics, as the integrator of this project, successfully completed the project. This epc-rfid system with an investment of nearly one million yuan provides a feasible way for Hehuang and white cat products to track and manage products in the supply chain, from manufacturers to distributors, and the ultimate goal is to retailers, so as to realize the accurate "walking" of products of Hehuang and white cat company in people's sight

after using the epc-rfid system, the product delivery process of Hehuang white cat company is like this: in the machine room of Hehuang white cat company, the special management personnel printer outputs the container barcode label, and the barcode output rules are formulated according to the relevant EPC rules. When the products are off-line and packed, the labels shall be pasted on the packing boxes in sequence. After that, the goods need to be loaded on the pallet with RFID tag. After the code stamping machine takes out the pallet, stack 40 goods packing boxes on each pallet in the order of bar code number

in white cat company, the last step is to complete the collection of goods out of the warehouse. Using the RF terminal, scan the bar coded delivery order, input the delivery order number, scan the bar code number of the pallet label, and then scan the bar code number of any box of goods on the pallet, complete the unique corresponding association between the bar code number on the pallet and the goods and the operation of production line offline delivery, and complete the data storage and transmission

after the "floating water" products of Hehuang Baimao were transported to the modern logistics center, we saw that the modern logistics staff first inspected the goods and filtered out the unqualified products. Then, scan the barcode number of the pallet, and then scan the barcode number of qualified products in the pallet one by one, and re-establish the correspondence between the pallet and the barcode number of qualified goods, so as to prepare for the warehousing of qualified goods

when the warehouse warehousing operation is carried out, the system will complete the pallet label data collection through the fixed collection system, complete the collection of warehousing product information through the established link between qualified products and pallets, and save the corresponding warehousing information

after the information is corresponding, the forklift carrying goods will put the pallet with "floating water" products into the warehouse. When the forklift passes through the RFID reading and writing equipment, the large screen system next to the purchase platform displays the pallet information, product name and purchase quantity. At the same time, the RFID system forms a warehouse receipt and provides it to the excel warehouse management system (exceeded WMS) of exe (SSA). Exe system to realize the warehousing operation of qualified goods and the interface between RFID system data and exe system

after RFID is applied, modern logistics delivery is simpler. After receiving the shipping order provided by the EXE system, modern logistics will modify the single item data in the original inventory information table according to the principle of reverse order of the original association in the "pallet" in the inventory information table to achieve the delivery/receipt balance and complete the delivery operation of goods

save time, money and manpower

rfid can quickly, real-time and automatically collect goods turnover information, simplify business operations, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. "RFID system improves the efficiency of warehousing." Chen Daoxie, general manager of Shanghai modern logistics, told that in the past, RF technology was applied to the warehousing and delivery of modern logistics. A stack of 40 boxes had to be scanned by RF

the daily import and export volume of goods in modern logistics is 60000 to 70000 boxes, and the labor intensity of warehouse workers is quite high. RFID technology reduces the original 40 scanning times to one, and reduces the work links of destacking and stacking, shortens the time, and improves labor efficiency

"the implementation of epc-rfid system has accelerated our receiving speed by 40 or 50 times, and reduced the number of receiving personnel from 36 to 27." Chen Daoxie calculated an account, "if the cost of a worker is 30000 a year, 270000 yuan can be saved in one year, and the labor cost saved in three years can recover the IT investment."

"the improvement of RFID's satisfaction with modern logistics cannot be evaluated." After the application of RFID, modern logistics realizes the comprehensive tracking of the same batch of goods from homogeneous management to single product information. The accuracy is improved, and the confidence is also much thicker when "making orders" with competitors

"why can we win is because we can provide five-star logistics services". Chen Daoxie explained that the IT technology of modern logistics made them have the courage to guarantee the customer a zero damage rate and a 100% accuracy rate, and promised the customer a compensation of 2000 yuan for each damage

another way to make money

the use of RFID tags on modern logistics pallets makes the monitoring of pallets in inbound and outbound, distribution and other links clearer, which is conducive to the asset management of pallets themselves

"many enterprises say that RFID is losing money. The RFID 'pallet' we developed is consistent with our business." Modern logistics RFID is applied to pallets, a stack of 40 boxes, and the pallets are recycled. The cost of each RFID card is about 10 yuan. Due to the use of reusable chips, there is no need to invest a lot in the late cost

epc-rfid system has also become a way for modern logistics to make money. In addition to self use, modern logistics also provides "pallet" third-party logistics for manufacturing enterprises. Other manufacturers do not need to invest in the cost of RFID "pallet", and "renting RFID" pallet "extends our income"

in addition, RFID system enables modern logistics to provide diversified report presentation by mining and analyzing the collected business information, such as the statistics of the residence time of items in modern logistics, the time statistics of items from white cat company to Bailian distribution center, the statistics of abnormal transportation of items, the statistics of current inventory status, etc

extend RFID Application

"in the process of delivery, long waiting time is the most difficult thing for logistics companies." Chen Daoxie said. The throughput of RF technology is low, especially during the Spring Festival, when products are distributed to shopping malls and supermarkets. Foreign vehicles waiting to enter the warehouse to load and unload goods may queue up for two days and two nights. Not to mention low efficiency, it also delays the delivery of modern logistics to other places. "RFID technology solves the problem of truck queuing in distribution centers and solves the problem of large-scale entry and exit."

rfid application currently starts from the production and manufacturing enterprises offline, and is controlled until the delivery of goods from the distribution center platform. Talking about the application prospect of RFID in modern logistics in the future, modern logistics will try to extend RFID applications to retail stores to provide information services for supply chain management based on epc-rfid reading technology. Moreover, modern logistics also hopes to increase the application of RFID in the dangerous goods logistics monitoring system, and jointly promote the practical application of epc-rfid with manufacturers in various industries around the world

win win RFID

"this project is a verification function, which mainly allows users to see the value-added value of RFID, and then promote the application mode to the market". Huang Yizhou said. The epc-rfid system pilot project invested and organized by Intel, as well as the joint efforts of white cat, modern logistics, Weishen electronics and other companies and the provision of human and material resources, has achieved the success of this cooperation and demonstration project

"RFID is a market development project, and Chinese enterprises are in the wait-and-see stage. To promote the application of RFID in the industry in China, the key problem is who will invest and who will promote this business. In the project of modern logistics, Intel, as a technical architect, played a leading role, helping us to find the overall solution of epc-rfid and ensuring the success of the project." Chen Daoxie said

as the technical supplier of the project

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