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The darling of modern packaging of agricultural products: paper tray

nowadays, the competition of commodities in the international market is increasingly fierce. Commodity quality, price and packaging design are the three main factors that determine enterprises to seize the market. Packaging is not only the carrier of product information, but also the necessary means to realize product transportation, storage and sales. At present, the packaging of agricultural products is undergoing a historic change, developing towards a more beautiful, solid, economical and durable direction. As a new member of modern packaging family, paper tray has attracted much attention because of its unique advantages

beautiful, strong, economical and durable paper tray:

through the unique appearance design of the paper tray, consumers can directly see the products in the box and understand the characteristics of the products, thus increasing the added value of the products to a certain extent; The reinforcement design of folding paper tray and the use of hot melt glue make the strength of the box much higher than that of ordinary cartons; The paper tray also has the characteristics of saving raw materials, being conducive to air circulation, and high space utilization in the box. In addition, the recessed design of the notch of the paper tray is conducive to stacking and can enhance stability: compared with the plastic turnover box, the corrugated structure of corrugated paper can better protect the products

the use of paper cartons can enable products to be directly put on retail shelves from manufacturers or reach consumers, greatly reducing the packaging costs of manufacturers and the processing costs of retailers; One way circulation can save transportation costs, and production enterprises no longer need to bear the necessary return shipment costs when using plastic turnover boxes

the agricultural products are packed in paper containers, which meets the general standard of European agricultural product transportation packaging boxes. And cardboard is a renewable material, in line with today's environmental protection concept

the paper pallet produced by Bosi company, which is committed to the production of paper pallet, is used for the packaging and transportation of agricultural products. The main models are C-20 and B-1 folding cartons. At present, this kind of carton is still used for product packaging and sales in foreign and local markets. In the early days, the paper pallet was mainly produced by hand combined with carton nails. Around the late 1970s, mechanical equipment was used to produce paper trays. At the same time, the use of hot melt technology makes the paper tray pressure testing machine how to effectively protect and maintain: it becomes more beautiful and solid. The traditional carton produced later has the advantages of the folding carton mentioned above. The difference is that the design is more suitable for mechanical production

with the increasing demand for agricultural product packaging cartons in domestic and foreign markets and the improvement of quality requirements, open-ended paper cartons began to emerge in the market. Although C-20, B-1 and traditional cartons still account for a certain market share, they have been gradually replaced by open-ended paper cartons. Because of its many advantages, the open paper tray will undoubtedly become the mainstream way of agricultural products packaging. As the main supplier of paper tray forming and bonding equipment, all the forming equipment for corrugated boxes and paper trays provided by Bosi company of Spain are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the international market and comply with European standards. At present, the open type paper tray is widely used in the packaging of agricultural products in Europe and other markets, and is widely welcomed by manufacturers and users

features of Bosch automatic paper tray forming machine:

1. Cost reduction: compared with ordinary cartons and manual folding cartons, the amount of die-cutting cardboard and hot melt glue required by the automatic forming machine is small, which can significantly reduce the cost of cartons:

2. High production efficiency. Type FP-4 is 900 ~ 1400 pieces/hour: MCT1/type V 6, the additional tariff is mainly 25%; (5) 000 kraft paper/hour:

3. Labor cost saving:

4. Product quality improvement: the use of molding machine can ensure the quality of paper tray and reduce the scrap rate:

5. Effective warehouse 1 Look at the choice of mechanical and electrical storage: you can produce when you need a paper tray, saving storage space. The paper trays are nested with each other when stacking, and are very stable with or without products, which can effectively avoid collapse and skew in storage

information source: Global corrugated box industry

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