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Wansheng: a modern "glass city" is rising

in recent years, relying on the advantages of geography and industrial foundation, Wansheng has expanded and strengthened the "cake" of the glass industry, which has attracted Fuyao Group and Yao for a short processing time; While thermoplastic polymers are easily processed and reshaped quickly, glass giants such as glass group and Shanghai building materials group have successively settled in, gradually forming a new glass material industry cluster integrating automotive glass, building energy-saving glass, daily-use glass, electronic glass, household glass, etc

has a good foundation for development

as an important part of Wansheng industry, the glass industry has a long history of development

according to relevant data, as early as the first year of Xuantong in the Qing Dynasty (1909), Wansheng began to set foot in the glass industry, and the maximum daily output of industrialized glass production reached 500 kg; During the period of the Republic of China, Wansheng once had as many as six glass production enterprises; After liberation, Wansheng successively built glass enterprises with a complete range of categories, such as flat glass, instrument glass, automobile windshield, etc., and its glass industry has advantages in Chongqing and even the southwest region

plant Wutong trees and attract Phoenix

in recent years, Wansheng, with various preferential policies of national development zones, has become a veritable policy depression, investment hotspot and development highland. Emerging industries have accelerated the agglomeration, and large groups, enterprises and brands have gathered in parks to compete for development

in terms of the development of the glass industry, on the basis of clarifying the industrial positioning and planning, Wansheng relies on favorable policy advantages, location advantages, industrial accumulation advantages and resource endowment advantages to attract investment in a layout, targeted and selective manner, pays attention to recruiting large and strong enterprises, introduces leading enterprises, forms a driving effect, enhances industrial competitiveness and sustainable development ability, and builds a new glass material industry cluster

continuous layout of glass giants

on August 16, I came to Fuyao No. 4 factory, located in the construction group of Pingshan Industrial Park, and saw that the "manipulator" put the original glass on the production line and cut it into pieces of glass of different sizes. After hoisting, batches of car glass were placed on the corresponding transport vehicles, and the production workshop was busy

since 2001, Fuyao Glass (Chongqing) Accessories Co., Ltd., the first enterprise of Fuyao Group, the world's second largest automotive glass enterprise, was put into operation in Wansheng, its annual output of high-end automotive glass has grown from 420000 sets at the beginning to 1.8 million sets at present, and its sales volume reached 6% in 2015. 2.6 billion yuan. The high-end automotive glass production line of Fuyao No. 4 factory is the company's capital increase and capacity expansion project in other places, and it is also the third project invested and constructed by Fuyao Group in our district

the project has a total investment of 800million yuan and covers an area of about 200 mu. It specializes in the production of automobile front windshield, sunroof glass, side window glass and rear windshield, and is mainly sold to Chongqing, Chengdu, Liuzhou and other regions. At present, the first phase of the project has been completed and put into operation, and the second phase of the project is stepping up construction. When it is fully completed, it will achieve an annual output of 3million sets of high-end automotive glass, and is expected to achieve an annual output value of 1billion yuan

Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd., located next to Fuyao No. 4 factory, is another enterprise carefully arranged by Fuyao Group in Wansheng. The company covers an area of 360 Mu and has two high-quality float glass production lines. Among them, one is a 6000 ton high-quality float glass production line and the other is a 4500 ton ultra-thin float glass production line, with an annual output value of 900million yuan

"Fuyao Group chose Wansheng for its layout in the southwest region, mainly due to two considerations. First, Chongqing is China's largest automobile manufacturing base. In 2015, there was one made in Chongqing for every eight cars in the country, and there was a great demand for automotive glass market; second, Wansheng has a tradition of producing glass, which can quickly form industrial clusters." Introduction of relevant person in charge of Fuyao Group

industrial clusters have taken shape

the settlement of a large project can often support the development and growth of an industry and activate the agglomeration effect of the industry

in the development of Wansheng glass industry, another enterprise cannot be ignored, that is Chongqing yaopi engineering glass Co., Ltd., which focuses on the production of building energy-saving glass

the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Sida High Tech Co., Ltd. of Shanghai yaopi Glass Group Co., Ltd., which is a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic universal testing machines. Founded in November 2013, it mainly produces and sells new energy-saving and environmental friendly inorganic non-metallic building materials and products, such as energy-saving Low-E special glass, laminated hollow safety, environmental protection and energy-saving composite special glass, self-cleaning and environmental protection special energy-saving glass Low-E low-radiation special glass substrate, fire-proof glass, colored glaze decorative glass and other deep-processing glass are yaopi group's glass deep-processing base in the West

yaopi building energy-saving glass project is divided into two phases. Among them, the first phase of the project was completed and put into operation in June 2014; The construction of phase II plant is basically completed, and it is expected to form mass production in November this year

"relying on the leading position of yaopi Glass Group in the high-end and offline Low-E fields, we will mainly manufacture and sell green energy-saving insulating glass series and their composite products for high-end curtain walls and door and window systems. The final target of phase I and phase II is an annual output of 4million square meters." The person in charge of the company told

the completion and operation of this project is an important symbol for Wansheng glass industry to expand from automotive glass to engineering glass and form a glass industry chain and cluster

with powerful data and actions, the two glass giants Fuyao and yaopi have proved that they chose to settle in Wansheng at the beginning. At the same time, the full start of the two giants has further improved Wansheng's glass industry chain and accelerated the process of Wansheng leading the southwest glass market

accelerated release of agglomeration effect

after years of efforts, at present, there are 12 glass new material enterprises and affiliated enterprises settled in Wansheng, including Fuyao Glass (Chongqing) Accessories Co., Ltd., Chongqing Wansheng Float Glass Co., Ltd., Chongqing yaopi Glass Co., Ltd. and a large number of high-quality enterprises, and major project achievements continue to emerge

according to statistics, in 2015 alone, the output value of Wansheng glass industry reached 2billion yuan, realizing a profit of 1. RMB 500million, realizing tax 3. 800 million yuan

"at present, our district has basically formed an annual production capacity of 5million sets of high-grade automotive glass and 360000 tons of high-quality float white glass, body colored green glass, gray glass, and 5million square meters of hollow, vacuum, coated architectural glass, forming a glass industry chain with an annual output of 3million square meters of curtain wall glass deep processing and 2million sets of automotive glass frames." Fangming, head of the District glass industry office, introduced

from multi-point flowering to agglomeration and efficiency increase, the path of Wansheng glass industry agglomeration and development is becoming more and more clear

it is reported that at present, Wansheng is fully carrying out the work of attracting investment in the glass industry, strengthening the tracking and docking of China building materials, Shanghai building materials, Guangdong Huaxing, Jiangsu tieanchor, Xi'an high tech, Southwest Aluminum, renewable technology and other intentional glass enterprises, and actively promoting the signing of projects. At the same time, it actively connects with international and domestic electronic glass production enterprises such as xunitz, Corning, central Nitz, Dongxu group, Xuguang technology, haoxu optoelectronics, etc

"the glass industry in our district is developing in seven directions: high-quality float glass, building energy-saving glass and curtain wall, automobile glass, locomotive glass and general contractor, high-end household appliance glass, electronic glass and glass fiber. After completing an investment of 5billion yuan and an output value of 10billion yuan, the automobile and building glass produced by Wansheng will occupy more than 90% of the Chongqing market." Fang Ming said that in accordance with the development concept of industry city integration and the requirements of cluster and large-scale development, Wansheng is relying on leading enterprises to build a new industrialization demonstration base of new glass materials in Southwest China with the advantages of the whole industrial chain and regional competitiveness, based on high-quality raw float glass and in the direction of special glass, home appliance glass, electronic glass and glass fiber

hundreds of boats compete for the current, and wise men lead; Thousands of sails race, and the brave compete for the first

with more and more glass enterprises successively settling in Wansheng, the largest high-end glass industry base in Southwest China with high quality, complete categories and long industrial chain is taking shape

global glass () department

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