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A brief description of the one week market of China Plastics' spot PVC (April 7-april 11)

boosted by the sharp rise in oil prices last Friday, China Plastics' warehouse receipt market continued to rise on Monday, and Jiangsu Changzhou index, known as the "Oriental carbon Valley" in the industry, recovered its 30 day moving average. On Tuesday, China Plastics warehouse receipt market rose slightly, and the driving force for climbing is gradually insufficient. On Wednesday, the market continued to rise, and the warehouse receipt composite index recovered its 20 day moving average, with the rise unchanged. Affected by the record setting oil price on Thursday, the China Plastics warehouse receipt market continued to rise, but the range was general. The index closed off the negative line, and its upward mobility was slightly insufficient. The failure of oil price correction on Friday can be said to be the basic configuration that blocked the upward pace of the China Plastics warehouse receipt market. The market continued to rise, but the range was general, and the upward momentum was insufficient. As of Friday, the China Plastics price index closed at 1298.17, up 8.98 points from last week and 4.31 points from last month; The China Plastics spot index closed at 1272.87, up 1.29 points from the same period last week and 15.15 points from the previous month

I. upstream situation:

this week, the international crude oil market danced at a high level, and the market hot spots were colorful. On Friday, 2000 tons of high-end sewing linear polyester staple fiber and fine denier hollow fiber were sold in the United States, and the price of crude oil futures rose by more than $2 per barrel to $106.23 per barrel. The reason is that the number of non farm payrolls in the United States fell for three consecutive months, pushing the dollar lower, prompting investors to switch to the commodity market. Crude oil futures continued to rise on Monday, rising nearly 3%. Crude oil closed down on Tuesday, and intraday trading was quiet. All market participants were looking forward to the upcoming U.S. oil inventory data, in order to find trading clues. The settlement price of crude oil futures set a new record on Wednesday because of the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories and the larger than expected decline in distillate oil inventories. On Thursday, oil prices fell again, intraday trading was volatile, and several rises in prices were repelled by the rise of the US dollar and the weakness of the oil market. As of 16:00 on Friday, Beijing time, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) electronic trading of May crude oil futures was reported at $110.20 per barrel, up $0.09 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 109 per barrel 42 dollars

the quotation of ethylene raw material market in Asia this week stabilized first and then rose. The price fluctuated slightly from Monday to Thursday, and the market was calm. On Friday, the quotation of ethylene raw materials suddenly rose to a positive level. CFR Northeast Asia and CFR Southeast Asia rose by $60 and $80 respectively, and the indomitable rise will eventually trample $1300 under its feet (CFR Northeast Asia). As of Friday, Asia ethylene CFR Northeast Asia reported USD/ton, up $70 from last week; CFR Southeast Asia reported USD/ton, up $80 year-on-year last week

II. Market situation:

after a continuous sharp rise for more than a month, the rise of PVC has slowed down significantly this week, and a few markets have fallen back. It is difficult to make a deal with the ratio of the force that completely cuts the lining material and the back plate or shoe plate to the geometric area of the lining material, and the high price can only be sold in a small order, and most traders report a serious decline in profits. Market participants have a strong wait-and-see situation and operate cautiously

recently, the price of electric stone materials in East China has been delivered at yuan/ton, and the transaction is dominated by small orders. The supply of goods in Shanghai and Changzhou markets is sufficient, while the supply of goods in Hangzhou market is still small. The mentality of market participants is different, and most of them are wait-and-see. The price in South China rose slightly. The price of ordinary electric stone was delivered at yuan/ton, and the high-end quotation of ethylene method was close to 9000 yuan/ton. The overall supply of goods in the market was still small, and the intention of receiving new orders was not great. Some downstream product enterprises were forced to stop production and wait-and-see under the pressure of high costs. The price of electric stone materials in North China market is mostly in yuan/ton, and the transactions are mostly small quantities of goods taken by large traders. Downstream profile manufacturers are on the verge of losing money, and small product enterprises have increased production stoppages

III. next week's trend:

on the whole, the affordability of PVC downstream market is close to the limit, and the manufacturers' sales pressure is gradually emerging. In addition, in the past two days, the continuous decline of calcium carbide PVC in the electronic disk of Guangzhou stock exchange has affected the mentality of market participants. However, the bearing capacity of PVC manufacturers to high price calcium carbide also tends to be limited, and the market enters a stalemate that is difficult to rise or fall. In the later stage, if calcium carbide continues to rise, PVC manufacturers can only use continued production reduction or maintenance to fight against the high price of calcium carbide. As a result, PVC prices will continue to rise and the market will worsen. If calcium carbide remains stable at this point, it is also possible for PVC prices to fall slightly

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