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Modern logistics promotes the new development of Packaging Engineering (Part 1)

[Abstract] this paper discusses the relationship between logistics and packaging; Secondly, it introduces the research content of packaging engineering discipline. Finally, it discusses the new requirements of various links in the process of logistics activities (such as loading, unloading, handling, storage, etc.) on packaging and packaging engineering discipline

key words: logistics; Packaging engineering; Discipline; Development

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new development of package engineering discipline points out and helps enterprises resume the production of epidemic prevention support materials and accelerate the production as soon as possible. Pushed forward by modern logistics

xu wei-min1, sun guo-zheng2

(Han Polytechnic University, Wuhan 430023, china

han University of technology, Wuhan 430063, China)

abstract:rst, This paper this project mainly focuses on recycling plastics from the community states the relationship between package and cond, it discusses the contents of package engineering discipline.finally, it investigates that logistics activities such as loading unloading, storage, waste package processing put forward new requirements for package and package i-neering discipline

Key words:Logistics; Package engineering; Discipline; Development

logistics engineering refers to the design, testing, manufacturing, equipment, process and information of the packaging, transportation, storage, loading and unloading, and sales links in the logistics system [1]. It includes hardware technology, software technology and management technology. As an important activity in logistics activities, packaging plays an important role in reducing logistics costs and improving logistics efficiency. Therefore, packaging must be placed in the logistics system to be studied. This paper attempts to expound the new direction of packaging and packaging engineering development from two aspects: the role of packaging on logistics and the new requirements of logistics development on packaging from the perspective of logistics engineering system

1 the role of packaging engineering technology in logistics

packaging plays a special role in the whole logistics activities [2]. In the process of production and circulation, packaging is at the end of the production process and many universal experimental machines in the logistics process have interchangeable dynamometers at the beginning, which is both the end of production and the beginning of the logistics process. Packaging is the basis of logistics activities. Without packaging, it is almost impossible to realize other logistics activities. For example, the packaging is required to have good structural characteristics for handling, which can not only facilitate the handling operation, but also reduce the impact and vibration caused by handling; Transportation packaging with excellent cushioning performance is required during transportation to minimize the loss during transportation; During storage, the packaging is required to be moisture-proof, insect proof and have a certain stacking strength, so as to ensure that the performance of goods will not be affected during storage; Circulation processing requires the packaging to have good performance of opening and resealing, so that circulation processing can be carried out smoothly. Cantilever impact testing machine is an impact elastic testing machine that places the sample vertically and clamps it in the impact testing machine; The role of packaging in the sales process is self-evident. In the whole logistics activities, there is information flow, which is largely completed by the marks of transportation packaging and the bar codes of sales packaging. Therefore, packaging runs through the whole logistics process, and its materials, forms, methods and shape design have an important impact on other logistics links

it can be seen that without the support of scientific packaging methods, reasonable packaging forms and advanced packaging technical means, the modern logistics chain will fail or be disconnected; In turn, the development of modern logistics has put forward higher requirements for packaging engineering technology

2 research content of packaging engineering

the main research directions of packaging engineering include packaging materials and technology, packaging container structure design and manufacturing, packaging CAD, packaging machinery, packaging process automation, transportation packaging, packaging and printing technology, etc

due to the increasing complexity of modern economic activities and logistics system technology, the problems to be studied and solved by modern packaging engineering discipline are much more complex than before. Therefore, how to make packaging engineering technology better serve the logistics engineering system is the main problem to be studied by packaging scientists and educators in the future

3 new requirements of modern logistics for packaging engineering technology

modern logistics is the organic combination of many activities such as material packaging, loading and unloading, storage, inventory management, circulation and processing, transportation, distribution and so on, forming a complete supply chain, and providing users with multi-functional, integrated and comprehensive services [3]. Packaging as an important part of modern logistics, facing the rapid development of logistics engineering, packaging engineering has ushered in new opportunities and new requirements

a. requirements for intelligent packaging. A basic condition for the development and management of logistics informatization is the intellectualization of packaging, because in the process of logistics activities, most of the transmission of information is carried by packaging. In other words, if the amount of information on the packaging is insufficient or wrong, it will directly affect the activities in logistics management. With the improvement of logistics informatization, in addition to indicating the quantity, weight, product name, manufacturer, shelf life and conditions required for handling and storage of the contents, the packaging should also be pasted with commodity bar codes, circulation bar codes, etc., in order to realize electronic data exchange (EDL). Intelligent information packaging is a powerful medium to form logistics information management. (to be continued)

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