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Introduction to the performance of SG series glazing machine

SG series glazing launched by Hanjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost, which is second only to raw materials. The biggest feature is that the metal roller and rubber roller are made of high-quality materials, especially the processing of inner holes, so that the weight of the whole roller is balanced and stable, and the roller surface is highly refined, Control the runout of the whole roller within a certain range, and the first peak of the solution force is the static friction force FS; The average value of the force within 6cm of the relative movement of the two samples is the dynamic friction force FD, which determines the uneven thickness of the oil layer and the uneven brightness of the print surface when the print is polished. The gap between the rollers of the glazing machine is very uniform, which saves glazing oil during production. Wang Jinghai said that compared with other equipment, glazing oil can be saved by more than one third

the maximum glazing speed of the equipment can reach 55 meters/minute. The temperature of the drying channel can be controlled by the temperature controller, so that the drying channel is in a constant temperature state. It can be widely used in the surface glazing of all kinds of packaging cartons and other printed materials, and improves the surface quality of printed materials, enhances the gloss of graphics and texts, and ensures that the surface of printed materials will not be rubbed and dirty, which is only used for inspiration here. (text/Yang Shan)

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