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Hyundai Kona electric (2018) comment: pick a pick

Hyundai Kona electric (2018) comment: pick a pick

after Hyundai Kona unveiled its pure gasoline powertrain in 2017, Hass witnessed the arrival of diesel engines in 2018, and now it is Kona electric esuv. The thing is, even if air pressurization of 3 atmospheres is implemented in water: This is our choice, especially if you choose a 64kwh battery

the best electric car sold in the UK today

good things will happen to those waiting, so they say, but in the case of Hyundai Kona electric, this is true. Read our comments and find out why

modern Kona electric rear

small, electric crossover doesn't sound so interesting

wait. Kona Electric's 64kwh battery version not only benefits from its 201 horsepower motor (notably, its speed is 7.6 miles per hour), but Hyundai also claims to be able to travel 300 miles per charge

well, this will certainly attract your attention, but you must achieve this goal at the main urban speed

<5. 1 integrated cabinet control oil source p> this is a formal test warning, so what can it do in the real world? Our driving in and around Oslo includes a short stop on the highway. Even at that speed, it still shows a battery reserve of 220 miles

Hyundai Kona electric vehicle review and road testing: UK prices, specifications and more

in contrast, a 40 kwh Nissan leaf can usually travel 155 miles at a similar speed

overnight charging of wallbox in China takes about 9 and a half hours and costs 9 in most households in the region in the summer of 2018

Hyundai Kona gasoline and diesel review

this is an attractive combination - the new Hyundai Kona electric fun driving

well, No. Of course, in most electric vehicles, the sudden acceleration of acceleration is always a thing to show off, and the battery installed on the platform can give Kona electric a relatively free turning experience, but in addition, this is not a fan's pleasure

in general, the control system of modern cars is too light and not sensitive enough to meet the needs of more sensitive drivers for feedback. On the contrary, the most popular thing of modern cars is thoughtful driving. In other words, treat it gently

anyway, this is more beneficial, because you will expand the scope, which gives you the opportunity to adjust the braking energy recovery level to suit your taste. In the manual control of automatic transmission of gasoline and diesel engines, four stages (from 0 to 3) can be selected

the best hybrid car sold in the UK today

the lowest setting turned off the recovery completely allowing the Kona Coast until it ran out of momentum. This is not the most effective way to drive, so it is best to drive the car to full capacity and get used to driving with one foot pedal

it's not as aggressive as Nissan LEAF's e - PEDV, but it's not a bad thing. It will still make you completely stagnant

different from the most uncomfortable braking situation of Nissan, in the traditional sense, when you use the brake pedal of modern cars, this experience feels more natural and easier to adjust

this electric SUV also looks different from ordinary Kona

you are not wrong. Kona electric replaces the open grille with Errol Flynn's pencil moustache on the top. Its nose is steeper, with geometric patterns interspersed in the middle, and a decorative cover on it to hide the charging door (see above)

the front and rear bumpers have also been adjusted to smooth the airflow, and the improved lighting module further distinguishes it

a unique Kona electric palette with two tone roof options completes the exterior renovation

modern Kona electric interior and engine room

unusually, there are also changes inside (see the above figure). In addition to the light color compared with the konas of gasoline and diesel, the interaction of these two magnetic fields will produce a strain pulse plastic mold. The center console is completely different, and the position is much higher. The transmission selector is controlled by a button

Hyundai Kangda Electric: it is one thing that Kona Electric is the most popular version of modern compact crossover vehicles, but what is more striking is that it immediately becomes the most attractive mainstream electric vehicle launched so far

Volkswagen e-Golf may be more like a high-quality touch pleasure, while Nissan LEAF has a much more spacious cabin, while Kona Electric's range exceeds both

2018 new Hyundai Kona electric car

it's decent. If it's not exciting to drive, good construction and guaranteed five-year warranty just make it more attractive

grab it? Choose to camouflage in the flagship high-end Se and you need to pay 31795 to have privileges. The car grant after 4500 government plug-ins has been cut off. It must be strictly implemented according to the entered data. Have you carefully read the list of options before

is it expensive? Yes, but remember that a 300 mile drive costs only 9 pounds. Try making this with diesel

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