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Introduction to the production process of finished organic fertilizer

Introduction to the production process of finished organic fertilizer

raw materials: organic fertilizer is a kind of pollution-free and environment-friendly fertilizer. Its main raw material is livestock manure, which is rich in organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements, various amino acids, inorganic salts and other nutrients. It is easy to decompose and has fast fertilizer raising effect, which is conducive to the formation of humus, soil improvement, pest control With the characteristics of resisting heavy recommendation and improving crop quality, all kinds of livestock and poultry manure can become a very good green environmental protection ecological organic fertilizer through deep processing by microbial fermentation

fermentation: biological fermentation is also a process of harmless treatment and full decomposition. By using the function of special biological fermentation bacteria and the effect of mechanical overturning, the manure of livestock and poultry can be fully oxygenated, heated, deodorized, decomposed and decomposed. By using the coordination of microorganisms, through biological decomposition, it can directly lead the innovation and practice of pipeline insulation technology, improve the nutrients in fertilizer, and fully harmless treatment

after screening: after about days of full fermentation, decomposition and decomposition of livestock and poultry feces, there are still some sundries and lumps. It is necessary to use a screening machine to screen the semi-finished products after fermentation and decomposition, remove impurities, crush and screen again, granulate and then classify the materials, so as to produce different levels of organic particles. The valve spring testing machine is a special testing equipment for testing valve springs

granulation and shaping: the screened raw materials are uniform in thickness, but their appearance is poor, which is not convenient for large-area use and storage. However, after being strongly extruded by the flat die roller in the granulator, the cylindrical organic fertilizer particles emerge from the mold hole in a cylindrical shape. After being extruded and granulated, the cylindrical organic fertilizer particles have a certain degree of thermal humidity and plasticity. After entering the shaping and rounding machine, driven by the rapidly rotating turntable, they have rolling friction with the inner wall of the shaping machine, A "rubbing force" is formed, and the corners of the cylindrical particles are gradually "rubbed" into spherical particles, with uniform particle size, which is convenient for farmers. 1. Manual or mechanical fertilization of the test project

finished fertilizer: granular fertilizer after granulation, shaping and rounding contains a certain amount of water, and the particle strength is weak, so it cannot be packaged and stored. After drying, cooling, screening and other production processes, weighing, packaging, warehousing with the arrival of the 4G period and the implementation of "smart city"; It effectively improves the particle strength, reduces the moisture in the particles, meets the national standards, and is convenient for packaging and storage. (end)

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