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Training device for installation and commissioning of modern electrical control system

training device for installation and commissioning of modern electrical control system

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original title: training device for installation and commissioning of modern electrical control system

hyk-890 training device for installation and commissioning of modern electrical control system

I Product overview

the installation and commissioning training device of modern electrical control system is a product developed according to the requirements of the Ministry of education "revitalization of the 21st century vocational education curriculum reform and textbook construction planning", combined with the actual production and the skill requirements of vocational posts, and in accordance with the teaching and training requirements of vocational schools. The training and assessment equipment is suitable for the installation and maintenance of electromechanical equipment, the application of electromechanical technology, electrical operation and control, the application of electrical technology and the application and maintenance of electronic and electrical appliances in higher vocational schools and secondary vocational schools, as well as non electrical majors such as electrotechnics, basic skills of electrotechnics, Electrotechnical measurement and instrumentation, motor and electrical control, motor control circuit "Electric drive control circuit" and other related professional modules of vocational ability teaching and training

II. Structural composition

as the advanced training of maintenance electricians involves a wide range of professional contents and great technological leap forward, the existing equipment for teaching, training and assessment of maintenance electricians adopts a variety of special equipment combination assessment forms, (for example, power electronic examination equipment, machine tool electrical examination equipment, PLC equipment, etc., have large investment costs, many professional training and examination points, inconvenient to use, long examination preparation time, occupy many examination Resources, and are not conducive to the use of the environment with limited floor area.

the equipment takes the standard power distribution cabinet as the main cabinet, makes reasonable use of the double-sided space of the cabinet body, and scientifically arranges electrical appliances and supporting experimental equipment. The purpose of this utility model is to Overcome the shortcomings of the above existing technologies, and provide an innovative technical scheme with small floor area, reasonable layout, compact structure, complete functions and improved assessment efficiency

this kind of maintenance electrician teaching cabinet type practical training and assessment device consists of a cabinet frame, an observation window, an instrument operation panel, an electrical system, and a motor unit. The said electrical system consists of a number of parts arranged longitudinally on the front and rear panels, including the touch screen part, the PLC host part, the frequency converter part, the power electronics part, the DC power supply part, Zheng 1ren, etc. using hydrogel (poly (b hydroxyethyl methacrylate HEMA) as the material, The hydrogel soft prosthesis consists of electric drive and relay control part, motor shaft power, torque, speed measurement part, AC and DC voltage, current, single and three-phase AC energy, AC power, power factor measurement part, etc

the panel is equipped with operation buttons, and various low-voltage electrical appliances required to complete the motor control circuit are installed inside, such as leakage circuit breaker, fuse, current transformer, contactor, intermediate relay, thermal relay, travel switch button, transfer switch, voltmeter, ammeter, watt hour meter, etc. in order to prolong the service life of electrical appliances, the contacts of each electrical appliance are connected to the terminal first, and then connected on the terminal for operation, For durability

it is designed according to the electrical control cabinet on the production site, and the components are equipped according to the control circuit commonly used in production practice. The selected components are the same as the components actually used in production and life, creating a working situation, and the practical training is the same as the actual working process of production. The skill training obtained is comprehensive, and the professional knowledge and skills mastered are solid, which has a good training effect on students' professional ability

it is equipped with leakage protection, overload and circuit protection to ensure personal safety and equipment use safety. It has been proved by the practice of the appraisal center for many times that it is an ideal vocational education training equipment

III. functions of training assessment equipment

examples of training assessment content:

1. Connection of single-phase watt hour meter

2. Connection of direct three-phase active watt hour meter

3. Connection of indirect three-phase active watt hour meter

4. The current transformer and ammeter are completely star connected

5. Incomplete star connection between current transformer and ammeter

6. Connect the transfer switch with the voltmeter to measure the three-phase voltage

7. Measurement of power factor

8. Power meter one meter method to measure three-phase load

9. Measure three-phase load with two meter method of power meter

10. Installation of connection circuit between ammeter and current transformer y

11. Installation of connection circuit between ammeter and current transformer V

12. Connection of inching control circuit of AC asynchronous motor

13. Connection of control circuit for one-way continuous rotation of AC asynchronous motor

14. Control circuit connection for direct starting and stopping of three-phase asynchronous motor

15. Connection of forward and reverse control circuits of contactor interlocked three-phase AC asynchronous motor

16. Connection of forward and reverse control circuits of button interlocked three-phase AC asynchronous motor

17. Connection of forward and reverse control circuits of three-phase AC asynchronous motors interlocked with buttons and contactors

18. Universal transfer switch controls the forward and reverse rotation of three-phase asynchronous motor

19、 Three phase AC asynchronous motor y- △ (manual switching, connection of starting control circuit;

20, three-phase AC asynchronous motor y- △ (connection of switching and starting control circuit of time relay on December 23, 2016;

21, connection of starting control circuit of series resistance of stator winding;

22, connection of energy consumption braking control circuit of three-phase AC asynchronous motor;

23, connection of reverse braking control circuit of three-phase AC asynchronous motor;

24, multiple sets (3 sets and below, connection of sequential control circuit of motor

25, connection of round-trip travel control circuit of motor;

26, forward and reverse control of DC motor;

27, speed regulation experiment of DC motor;

28, mechanical performance test of separately excited DC motor;

29, connection of common lathe control circuit;

30, connection of electric hoist control circuit;

31, three-phase AC asynchronous The motor can be connected with the control circuit that can jog and rotate continuously

32. Connection of two control circuits

33. Connection of speed control circuit of two speed motor with button switching

34. Connection of speed regulation control circuit of two speed motor switched by time relay

35. Connection of reverse braking control circuit matched with centrifugal switch

36. Functional parameter setting and operation training of frequency converter panel

37. The frequency converter controls the inching and start stop of the motor

38, multi-stage control of motor speed

39. Power frequency and frequency conversion switching control

40. Motor open-loop speed regulation based on analog control

41. Open loop speed regulation of motor based on panel operation

42. Practical training on protection and alarm functions of frequency converter

43. Frequency converter open-loop speed regulation based on PLC

44, PLC traffic light control training

45. PLC controls the motor to start in sequence

46. PLC controls the y- △ starting circuit of three-phase asynchronous motor

47. Parameter setting of touch screen

48. Programming of touch screen

49, comprehensive training of touch screen, PLC and frequency converter

50, control of two-phase hybrid stepping motor

51. Practical training of torque measurement of two-phase hybrid non incoming motor

52. Control of AC servo motor

53. Torque measurement training car of AC servo motor: plastic frame interior trim weight reduction and low carbon

54, three-phase thyristor fully controlled bridge 2, ray detection rectifier circuit

55, three-phase thyristor kc785 integrated trigger circuit

56, current regulator, speed regulator and overcurrent protection circuit

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