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Guangdong: open up a green channel for changing production. This machinery factory turned into a mask factory in half a day.

recently, with the help of the green channel, Guangdong Xianlai medical instruments Co., Ltd. completed the registration procedures for the production qualification of masks in half a day. At present, the daily output of masks can reach 50000. In order to alleviate the shortage of masks, it has become an important way for non mask manufacturers to turn to mask manufacturers

for non mask enterprises to produce medical masks, the first thing to be solved is the production qualification. In this regard, the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration issued a notice, which clearly pointed out that masks, protective clothing and other drugs and medical devices can be included in the emergency approval, and encouraged local market supervision departments to assist enterprises in preparing application materials, open green channels, and help relevant enterprises that meet quality standards to change production and expand production capacity

in recent days, local government departments in Guangdong have actively implemented relevant policies and actively opened up green channels, and have helped a number of enterprises to smoothly switch production and invest in the production of masks and other prevention and control materials

"it's too fast. With the support of fire lines from all directions, we realized the production transformation in half a day." At the moment of officially starting the production of masks, Chen Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of Guangdong Xianlai Medical Devices Co., Ltd., couldn't hide his excitement

it is understood that there is no mask manufacturer in Maoming. After the outbreak of the epidemic, masks have become one of the most scarce supplies. In order to ensure the supply of medical masks for epidemic prevention supplies, Maoming has been searching for enterprises with production and processing capacity in the city. Finally, Guangdong Xianlai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., whose site and technology are in line with professional production, has been selected. A concerted effort has been made to start preparations for the "relay race"

to produce masks, we should first solve the problem of enterprise qualification. Dianbai district market supervision bureau sent a vanguard of Party members to the enterprise to guide the rapid completion of the collection and sorting of application materials, open a green channel for the enterprise, and complete the qualification filing procedures in half a day

what about the lack of equipment? The vanguard of Party members took the initiative to contact the production resources in the jurisdiction, quickly built a cooperation bridge between the enterprise and a labor protection mask production company, and introduced the mask production equipment into Guangdong Xianlai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. At present, more than 70 employees of the company are on duty, with full firepower, and the normal production capacity reaches 50000 masks per day

the above situation is not an individual case. Opening a green channel to help enterprises change production of masks has appeared in batches in Guangdong

in Huizhou, the municipal Market Supervision Bureau launched the emergency approval procedure, issued the registration certificate for the production of "disposable medical masks" for Huizhou Jiebai purification Co., Ltd., and helped it transform its workshop and upgrade its plant, so as to solve the urgent need of Huizhou to prevent and control the new-type pneumonia epidemic

in Shaoguan, through the green channel of government departments and the "do it now" service mode, Lianfeng medical hygiene materials (Shixing) Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the city's second medical device production record certificate. The enterprise plans to invest another 5million yuan to purchase mask production equipment. After production, it can produce 200000 protective masks, surgical masks and disposable medical masks per day

in Jieyang, on February 3, Guangdong Taibao Medical Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the registration certificate for the production of medical devices for the production of the first medical mask in Jieyang. After the enterprise is put into production, it is expected to alleviate the tight supply of medical masks in the city. In addition to opening up a green channel, Jieyang Market Supervision Bureau also actively helps enterprises solve the problem of raw material supply and help enterprises put into production as soon as possible

"with the help of the green channel, enterprises can complete the filing and realize the conversion of production as soon as possible in one day!" According to the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration. In order to strengthen the production guarantee of epidemic prevention materials such as masks in our province, the Bureau issued the notice of the office of Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration on the implementation of special management of medical masks and other urgently needed devices for prevention and control during the first level response to major public health emergencies on January 24, encouraging local market supervision departments to assist enterprises in preparing application materials and opening green channels, Help relevant enterprises that meet the quality standards to change production and expand production capacity because the deposition intensity on the surface of laser deposited parts has become uniform

"compared with new production capacity, we encourage enterprises with production lines, raw materials and other conditions to switch production, such as export masks, labor protection masks manufacturers, and related raw material suppliers. On the one hand, the production efficiency is higher and faster, on the other hand, it is also conducive to strengthening the control of the quality of masks and other epidemic prevention products." According to the provincial food and drug administration

in order to ensure the orderly and healthy development of the market, these enterprises submitting applications need to obtain product testing from professional institutions before they can pass the approval, and the filing only takes effect during the epidemic emergency period. Beijing Tibet expressway, Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway, Beijing Chengde Expressway and Beijing Kaifeng expressway are still sections with concentrated traffic. At present, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shaoguan, Heyuan and other places have successively carried out relevant work. 3. Control system of tensile testing machine: enterprise production change filing

taking Shenzhen as an example, in order to increase the supply of masks, Shenzhen market supervision bureau has accelerated the "export to domestic sale" of masks that meet the standards. For masks originally used for export, those that meet the medical standards of the importing country, they should be registered with the market supervision department for the record. After the record, they should be labeled in Chinese and sold in China immediately

for enterprises that originally produced foreign standard masks for export and were able to produce domestic standard masks, but did not obtain relevant qualifications, Shenzhen market supervision administration also sent special personnel to guide the compliance transformation of production capacity. According to the relevant person in charge, Ma Ruiwen said that "on the basis of early-stage enterprise screening, special personnel will follow up and coach the enterprises that have certain conditions and can meet the production conditions of medical masks through further improvement to assist in the preparation of filing materials. At present, an emergency filing mechanism has been established, which can complete the filing within 1 working day after the product passes the inspection."

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