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What is the difference between tcl75v2 and 75t6? Which model is good

tcl 75t6 and TCL 75v2 are two different TVs. One is that the time to market is different; Second, different energy efficiency; The third is that the output power is different, the size is the same, and the fourth is that the thickness is different. They all use a comprehensive screen, including an artificial intelligence 4K TV and a smart screen TV. On the whole, this TCL 75t6 has lighter configuration parameters and consumes less power

my family bought this TCL 75t6. There are few large brands with 75 inch intelligent voice remote control. I said that there is no need for app and remote control voice control. The frame of TCL is very small, and the side view of the TV hanging on the wall is very thin. The picture quality is clear. Especially when these parts are made of laminated machined metal or thermosetting materials, they can increase a lot of cost and weight. The color is realistic, and the sound is very good. This price is very cost-effective, Voice remote control awesome, smart speakers are very convenient to listen to songs, and it is worth buying

[JD] TCL 75t6 75 inch LCD flat panel TV event price: ¥ 5999.00[¥ 6999.00]

[JD] TCL 75v2 75 inch LCD TV event price: ¥ 4199.00[¥ 4999.00]

tcl 75t6

tcl 75v2

I. TCL 75t6 quotation and comment details:

1. Reference price: ¥ 6999.00 (view JD event quotation)

2.User comments: placed an order yesterday and arrived the next morning, The installer came to the site to fix it quickly, especially quickly and professionally. The appearance of the machine is very heavy: about 1300kg is beautiful. There is almost no border on the left and right of the upper side, which is very beautiful. The screen is exquisite, the color is lifelike, the response speed is fast, and the sound quality is also very good. There are a lot of functions and they are very intelligent. They need to be studied again. Overall, very good, recommended

tcl 75t6

II. TCL 75v2 quotation and comment details:

1. Reference price: ¥ 4999.00 (check JD's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments: the size is larger than expected, the picture is clear, the face value is very high, the frame is very narrow and beautiful, the color is bright and bright, the sound quality is excellent, the overall viewing experience is very good, and watching the ball game is very comfortable. The attitude of the delivery master and the installation master is very good. They also deliver the goods to the door in the evening. The installation master came without dinner, contributing to the dispersion, extensive, environmental pollution, disorderly export, and it is difficult to deal with the above conditions. The author thinks that the following adjustments should be made: unified supervision and patient guidance. In addition, the voice function of TV is very powerful. Just wake up directly. The overall feeling is very good, value for money

tcl 75v2

III. summary:

tcl75v2 and 75t6 are different as TCL's 75 inch hot selling TVs. The main differences are in the price, time to market, configuration parameters, power consumption, and function differences. You can choose them according to your own budget and needs. Go to tmall to check the latest prices and comments

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