Introduction to the installation method of proepdx

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Introduction to the installation method of proe pdx2.1

this paper discusses and introduces the installation method of parameter x2.1 for proe PD, which has complex requirements

introduction to the installation method of proe pdx2.1

1 Run the PDX setup program, assuming that the installation directory is e:proe2001pdx2.1

2 Re create a startup directory startpath e:proe2001pdx2.1startpath

3 Modify the T File in the pdxtext directory (only two modifications):

it should be pre twisted three times in full scale

name progressive die extension

exec_ file e:proe2001pdx2.1i486_ Ntl (where to modify)

text_ Dir e:proe2001pdx2.1 (place to be modified)

revision 2001

among the most widely used conventional plastic granulator equipment

startup dll

allow_ Stop true

description PDX 2.1 M140 can be operated independently only after mastering it


4 Copy the O, N, and t files from text to the startup directory startpath of PDX

5. Restart the proe. If the PDX license is loaded successfully, the PDX installation is successful

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