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With the rapid development of China's economy, especially the entry of WTO at the beginning of the 21st century, energy security has become an urgent issue in front of us. The continuous power rationing across the country has sounded the energy alarm to us. It is also an important factor related to China's sustainable economic development strategy. At the same time, the extremely fierce market competition has penetrated into every corner of all walks of life. How the production-oriented enterprises can effectively improve production efficiency, process, energy saving and consumption reduction so as to reduce production costs and maintain product advantages has also become the primary issue in the development of manufacturers. According to incomplete statistics, 60% of electric energy in China is consumed by fans and pumps widely used in all walks of life, while air compressors account for about 15% of the 60%. It is conceivable how big the annual consumption is

as the air compressor is a general equipment with complex structure, long operation time and large motor power, reducing the power consumption of the air compressor and improving the economic operation of the air compressor are of certain significance to energy conservation. Although we have strengthened daily operation management: reducing leakage, reasonable lubrication and regular maintenance, the energy-saving potential is far from being tapped. Here is a simple analysis

we usually use piston air compressors. The piston operates back and forth in the cylinder, periodically changing the volume in the cylinder, so as to change the volume of gas in the cylinder, and cooperate with the opening and closing action of the air valve in the cylinder. Through the actions of suction, compression, exhaust, etc., the non pressure or low-pressure gas is boosted and output to the pressure storage tank

first of all, the shaft power required on the drive shaft of the air compressor is directly related to the exhaust pressure and the speed of the air compressor, that is, in the actual operation, the air compressor does not often operate under the rated working condition because the use of compressed air is changing at any time, and the exhaust pressure of the air compressor directly affects the actual shaft power. The higher the exhaust pressure, the greater the shaft power required. The test proves that the relationship between the input current (power) of the air compressor and the exhaust pressure at full load conforms to the curve and relationship in Figure 2

secondly, in order to meet the requirements of changing gas consumption at any time, the gas in the air storage tank must maintain a certain pressure. The operating pressure of our filter is 0 80MPa. At present, most air compressors adopt the regulation mode of cutting off the air inlet to change the air volume discharged to the air storage tank. The supply-demand relationship of air compressor's air volume is represented by the change of exhaust pressure. When the air compressor's exhaust volume just meets the production air consumption requirements, the air storage pressure remains unchanged. If this state can be maintained, it is of course the best. However, in fact, the air consumption changes at any time, and the design redundancy is large, so the air compressor's exhaust volume should be greater than the air consumption. If the air compressor still operates at a constant speed, more and more gas will be accumulated in the air storage tank, When the pressure in the tank rises to the set pressure, two methods are generally adopted: one is the unloading operation of the air compressor, which does not produce compressed gas, and the motor is in no-load operation, and its power consumption is still% of the full load, which is wasted by white waves. Another way is to stop the operation of the air compressor. The goal is to become the world's advanced qualified supplier of aviation materials and the world's first-rate aluminum processing enterprise. In this way, it seems that the wasted electric energy caused by the idling or continuous venting of the air compressor has been eliminated. However, if there is no air storage tank with large volume, the motor will be started frequently. The no-load starting current of the air compressor is about times the rated current, which has a great impact on electricity and other electrical equipment, At the same time, the service life of the air compressor will be shortened

to sum up, since the air compressor can operate under the minimum pressure required for production, the input power of the motor is greatly reduced. With the help of pressure closed-loop control, the dynamic matching of air supply pressure and speed of the air compressor is realized, which reduces the actual input power of the motor and achieves the purpose of energy saving. That is, the speed of the motor is controlled by the air supply pressure. The motor will output as much power as the compressor needs, without useless work, so as to achieve good energy-saving effect. The second aspect of energy saving is that the air compressor stops idling, and the motor does not operate under light load. This part of energy is considerable

the corresponding other benefits are: the air supply pressure is stable. Through the pressure regulator, the air compressor can work at the set pressure value. The pressure is stable and reliable, and the pressure can be set steplessly and can be adjusted at any time. The soft start of the motor will greatly prolong the service life and maintenance cycle of the compressor. The exhaust volume of the air compressor is controlled by the rotating speed of the air compressor, which can ensure that the time division of the experiment is infinitely closer to the accurate value. The air valve plate in the cylinder will not be opened and closed repeatedly. The working conditions such as the valve seat and spring are greatly improved, avoiding the rapid flow and impact of high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and reducing the maintenance workload

example 1. The following is the operation status of the air compressor in a water plant:

the daily water supply of the water plant varies with the change of season and weather, and the water supply per hour of the day also varies with the time of day and night. The water supply of the water plant is always changing dynamically, and the operation quantity of the filter is also changing constantly. The total number of filters in the water plant is 32. The inlet gate, discharge gate, backwash air butterfly valve, backwash water butterfly valve and outlet butterfly valve are all pneumatically controlled, and the air supply is provided by an air compressor station composed of four air compressors (dual-use and two standby). The following is the calculation of the energy-saving effect of the filter air compressor station: (the air compressor equipped with motor pe=11kw, ie=22.3a, ue=380v)

1 the research direction of the scientific research institute needs to be highly consistent with the development field of the enterprise. 1.1 operation - group of filters (16 cells)

field measurement: only one air compressor is started, the operating current is 11a, the voltage is 400 V, the power factor is about 0.85, and the consumption of active power: P = 3 × four hundred × eleven × 0.85 = 6477.68w = 6.4777kw

load unloading time ratio is 8:6, then the electric energy required for unloading operation of one air compressor a year is:

w = p × twenty-four × three hundred and sixty-five × 6 ÷ 14 = 24319.06kwh

1.2 one group of filters is put into operation, and the other group operates for 4 grids (20 grids in total)

field measurement: only one air compressor is turned on, and the compressor no longer has unloading operation. The pressure of the air storage tank is 0.65Mpa, the input current is 20A, and no useless work is done


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