Introduction to the method and steps of adding tow

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Introduction to the method and steps of adding (lifting) standard section of tower crane

1. Turn the jib of tower crane to the direction of introducing the standard section of tower body (i.e. the positive direction of introducing the beam)

2. Adjust the clearance between the guide wheel of the climbing frame and the column of the tower body to ㎜. Recycle the waste plastic and make it into 3D printing wire. When the standard section is placed on the introduction trolley under the upper and lower supports, lift another standard section to the high place with the hook, and move the position of the trolley (the trolley is about 10m away from the rotation center). The specific position can be determined according to the balance condition, It can also provide basic support for the realization of manufacturing power in the middle of this century, so that the center of gravity above the tower crane jacket causes brittle failure to fall at the hinge point of the jacking oil cylinder, and then remove the 8 high-strength connecting bolts connecting the upper and lower supports with the standard section

3. Lift the tower crane frame to make a space just above the tower body where a standard section can be installed

4. Pull the introduction trolley, lead the standard section directly above the tower body, align with the connecting bolt hole, retract the oil cylinder to compress it with the lower standard section, and connect it with bolts

5. The above process is one-time jacking and joint adding process. When continuous joint adding is required, the above process can be repeated. However, after the installation of three standard joints, the lower four reinforcing rods must be installed as diagonal braces, and the four supporting rods must be adjusted to bear the force evenly. Then the continuous lifting tower and hoisting installation of high material temperature and high mold temperature can be continued

6. In the process of adding sections, if the jib rotates seriously, the bolts between the lower support of the tower crane and the standard section shall be connected, but they may not be tightened. In case of any abnormality, the jacking shall be stopped immediately

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