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Introduction to data market information service

China paper data information center, established in 2012, is an independent operating department under China paper. It is built internally by a professional team composed of senior experts in the paper industry who face the pressure of the international market. It serves hundreds of domestic enterprise customers, analyzes and forecasts the data and price trend of the paper industry in real time every day, so that you can accurately grasp the current market dynamics and help you make decisions quickly. At present, the main products operated by the data information center are divided into the following three categories:

: Daily real-time monitoring and release of the number of paper types of major paper-making enterprises nationwide can complete integrated production within the company. According to the quotation, the ups and downs can be mastered by hand. Procurement and distribution are handy

weekly report: real-time release of the market dynamics of high-precision paper every week, track the changes of market information at the first time, make the terminal price clear at a glance, and thoroughly analyze the reasons for the rise and fall of the paper price in the current week and the later trend. Closely follow the pulse of the market and play a guiding role

monthly report: Monthly real-time release of the paper industry trends, comprehensive summary and analysis of the market situation of the month, grasp the macroeconomic situation, review the market situation in previous periods, and compare the price trend of mainstream paper and export information. Seize the opportunity and seize the market opportunity

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