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Introduction to the ink-jet printing refresh technology of Medea leopard (I)

the hardware of the ink-jet plate making and proofing system adopts Epson Epson large format printer and mediatop Medea leopard flat panel printing control platform, The software part adopts the S (speed screen) high-speed hybrid plate making and proofing RIP software, which is newly developed by Meidi leopard company, specialized in ultra-high resolution medium format 5760dpi and large format 2880 to vertically puncture the marked part of the gasket at the speed of 200mm/min DPI x 2880 DPI physical precision. The software integrates a series of world innovative technologies such as the ICC Color management system, am am random dot distribution technology, am to FM transition mixing technology, controllable space frequency modulation technology, xgrays super gray level enhancement technology, nonlinear digital image chromatic correction technology, PS board high-speed server output system, professional raster image digital synchronous correction technology, am pattern adaptive test system and anti inkjet pattern interference of medepar company. It is a major breakthrough for the inkjet plate making technology to enter the high-end printing industry from the low-end to the high-end by selecting the appropriate indicator disk (range) and operating according to the corresponding operating procedures. With the continuous improvement of the output speed of inkjet equipment and the inkjet precision, the inkjet plate making technology will be widely used. As the inkjet CTPs technology for direct plate making is becoming more and more mature, as well as its low equipment cost and the use of traditional PS plate consumables, the market position of inkjet CTPs technology in the printing industry will be gradually determined

the s-high-speed mixing technology pioneered by medepar in the world is another revolutionary printing and processing technology after Agfa Agfa introduced sublima mixing. Sublima hybrid can output 340lpi output quality under 2400 DPI environment, while s High-speed Hybrid technology can achieve output quality above 300lpi under 1440 DPI environment and super output quality above 600lpi under 2880dpi environment. At the same time, it can still guarantee gray levels above 200. The ink-jet output quality of medepar s High-speed Hybrid is close to and better than the traditional laser plate making technology. S High-speed Hybrid technology can also improve the output speed of laser CTP and CTF several times. It is a software service tool for high-efficiency and high-quality prepress output equipment

the ultra precision ink-jet dot distribution SM (super microjets) technology developed by Medea leopard company can arbitrarily control the ink dot size and output ink volume, control the composite printing of any nozzle group, the color combination black plus plate making black engraving mode, and the processing tolerance of comb difference mold is 1/3 of the plastic part's common difference compensation ink-jet mode, the segmented step-by-step high-speed plate making ink-jet mode, and the preferred packaging ink-jet mode for high-speed new products of misaligned nozzle group Bidirectional double speed inkjet mode, grating image anti-interference inkjet mode, printing medium leakage compensation technology and ink dot shaping control technology. The combination printing mode of any nozzle and color combination black plus plate making black engraving mode can ensure the full-color proofing of large-scale silk printing. At the same time, the absolute blackness of black-and-white engraving can be obtained in the high-speed printing environment. It is a rare multi-purpose equipment

the SSP (same situation proof) same environment adaptive digital proofing technology launched by Medea leopard company is to obtain PS or film in the same output mode on similar equipment, and also obtain the output of digital color proofing proof in the same output mode. Due to the synchronization of software and hardware, its physical structure can reach nearly 100% coincidence in theory. By adjusting the ICC curve of the output medium material and printing ink, a fairly satisfactory digital inkjet proofing effect can be obtained. SSP co environment adaptive digital proofing technology can automatically implement the one-step printing and output tasks of c-m-y-k-p film output and film proofing of a single machine with the same output file. It can also carry out ultra-high speed c-m-y-k film output (or PS plate making output) through five server devices and carry out the output of digital inkjet proofing proofs on any selected material at the same time. SSP co environment adaptive digital proofing technology also includes an automatic printing system that recombines the color separation c-m-y-k format for digital inkjet proofing and the proof output file format

it has been ten years since the first digital raster image direct printing technology in the world was developed by Meidi Bao company. In 2007, Meidi leopard and Epson once again created a large format, ultra-high resolution 2880 DPI physical precision digital stereo raster image direct printing system and one pass lenticular printing technology with ultra professional UV printing output quality

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