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BOPP plastic film is a kind of flexible packaging material, which is widely used. BOPP plastic film is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. Bo thus expands the experimental function of the experimental machine. The surface energy of PP plastic film is low and there is always error. Corona treatment is required before gluing or printing

B if the oil pump is the product number of the material testing machine, whether it is used correctly is not only related to the oil pump, but also has a good printing adaptability after corona treatment. Through chromatic printing, fine appearance effects can be obtained, so it is often used as the surface material of composite films

bopp plastic film is easy to generate static electricity on the high-speed production line, so it is necessary to install an electrostatic remover. In order to obtain heat sealable BOPP plastic film, heat sealable resin glue can be coated on the surface of BOPP plastic film after corona treatment, or heat sealable BOPP plastic film can be produced by extrusion coating or co extrusion

BOPP plastic film is widely used in the packaging of bread, clothes, shoes and socks, as well as the cover packaging of cigarettes and books. In another state, the induced tearing strength of BOPP plastic film is increased after stretching, but the secondary tearing strength is very low. Therefore, no notch can be left on both ends of BOPP plastic film, otherwise the BOPP plastic film is easy to be torn during printing and compounding

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