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Introduction to network control ink card


the pre ink discharge and ink control system should also consider the problems in the process, so as to obtain the ideal process management. For example, the inking software launched by digitalinformation company can include various kinds of sheet machines of different brands, and can control the printing machine in a special connection way, so as to achieve the functions of scanning the guide table and automatic feedback


not only the original printer can provide pre ink discharge and automatic ink control equipment, but also other non original manufacturers have put forward smarter solutions, which can wipe out our concerns. These problems are:

first, it is difficult to generate a pre ink release file. For example, the PDF process architecture and the 1bittiff file of rip post assembly are different methods to generate pre inked image files

II. Manufacturers with different brands of printing machines will have difficulties in repeated investment and process integration. For example, when the PPF file of standard CIP3 is converted into a language that the printing press can communicate, it must be reinvested

III. If the old printing machine system is not upgraded, it will be difficult to achieve the ink control system of pre ink discharge and online automatic feedback. But the cost of upgrading the old printing press is a considerable amount

therefore, what we expect is an ink control system with pre ink discharge and automatic feedback:

1. It can control printing machines of different brands

2. It can be incorporated into the standard PPF file and 1bittiff process

3. It can generate different printing machine control methods by the same software

digitalinformation product architecture

digitalinformation's ink control scheme. Its main products include three parts, The ink control system of the automatic scanning guide table can be realized

I. di_ Plot: receive the standard PPF files and 1bittiff files, and transfer out the pre inking files according to the specifications of the post mainstream TV panel size (including 32 inch, 40 inch and 42 inch) that has stopped falling back to the stable end printer

DI_ Plot can receive PPF files of standard CIP3, JDF files of CIP4, or 1bittiff files. Then the ink discharge data of various printing machines are generated

II. Ecard hardware and software: This is the core product that transmits the ink discharge data to the ink control desk of the printing machine. We call it the simulator. The simulator mainly simulates the functions of memory card, disk and magnetic card (providing ink discharge data and storing necessary ink console data), and the simulator can communicate with the ink console. In addition, the simulator also has the ability of online connection, which can be directly connected to the internal computer and store the ink discharge data in the computer

these memory devices were originally inserted into the heidelbergormanroland printing machine. After design, they have become ubiquitous simulators. The data calculated by the computer can be transmitted to the ink control desk through this simulator

III. automatic feedback of inkloop scanning guide meter: inkloop software plus the scanning instrument of the guide meter, concentration meter or spectrometer, the printing machine can automatically add and subtract ink

The function of

loop can greatly help the printing operator to judge and adjust fatigue, so as to achieve consistency in quality. And unified and stable quality practices, from the OK sample to the last piece of color can be consistent

solve the three problems together

back to the above problem 1: it is difficult to generate the pre ink discharge file. For example, the PDF process architecture and the 1bittiff file of rip post assembly are different methods to generate pre inked image files

di proposed by digitalinformation_ Plot software can solve this problem. This software can not only accept CIP3 standard PPF ink discharge files, but also directly accept 1bittiff files

DI_ After the plot software accepts PPF or 1bittiff files, it can generate ink release files suitable for various printing machines according to the parameter settings of the printing machine. The reason is very simple, because the number of ink keys and the size of printable area of each printing machine are not necessarily the same, so thermoplastic materials (such as PVC) are used to_ Plot software is more flexible. Di can be printed directly if the microcomputer has strong functions_ Plot software allows users to define the printing conditions of different brands and models. Only such a software can solve the most important problem of repeated investment, and generate ink discharge data suitable for different printing machines from the same software

digitalinformationinkzone product architecture diagram


although the link from prepress to printing is just a simple ink release material, how to achieve standardization and automation really depends on internal rigorous management and execution. And good software not only has commonality and expansibility, but also can help you achieve consistency in management

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