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Patent profile: chitosan antibacterial towel

application (patent) No.: cn 9. Application date: February, 2011 Promoting industrial revolution and economic growth 25 Sun Zi Yue

public (announcement) No.: CNU public (announcement) date: September 21, 2011

main classification No.: d03d15/00 (2006.01) I category classification:

classification No.: d03d15/00 (2006.01) I; D02G3/04(2006.01)I; D03d27/00 (200 project 6.01 of aluminum based new materials with unique technology and broad market prospects) I; A47k10/02 (2006.01) i

applicant (patentee): Nantong Dadong Co., Ltd.

Abstract: the utility model discloses a chitosan antibacterial towel, which comprises a towel body. The towel body is interwoven with a composite yarn as a warp and weft yarn. The composite yarn is composed of a high degree of deacetylation chitosan fiber and a cotton fiber. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, antibacterial, harmless, washable, health care, and long-lasting antibacterial effect

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