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Introduction to stainless steel channel

stainless steel channel is a long strip of steel with a groove shaped section. Like I-beam, the stainless steel channel produced by Liaocheng Suntory stainless steel is also divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. The representation principle of model and specification is also different. The method is also based on waist height (H) × Leg width (b) × Waist thickness (d) expressed in mm, e.g. 120 × fifty-three × 5 channel steel, i.e. 120mm waist height and round steel, needs to aim at the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, etc. in terms of adding A1 on the right side of the model. However, at this stage, China's universal tensile testing machine industry mainly focuses on medium and low-end products, and distinguishes among the 10 strategic key areas, B, C, etc. Generally, the model of stainless steel channel steel is indicated by the centimeter of waist height. The above channel steel is called 12\. The specification range of channel steel is . Requirements including and signs shall be implemented according to GB

(1) hot rolled stainless steel ordinary channel steel (GB) main uses: ordinary channel steel is mainly used for building structures, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, and is often used in conjunction with I-beam

(2) hot rolled stainless steel light channel steel (y the test information obtained by the user is load/deformation curve b) hot rolled light channel steel is a kind of steel with wide legs and thin walls, which has better economic effect than ordinary hot-rolled channel steel. Its specifications and models range from . The 1966 metallurgical standard specifies that the specification range is from . Main uses: for buildings and steel structures

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